'Dark Knight Rises': International Banners, Catwoman Poster & Plot Details

New 'Dark Knight Rises' international banners and a 'secret' Catwoman poster are now online. Meanwhile, a children's tie-in book reveals the initial connection between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.

dark knight rises international banner batman

Just as The Avengers did earlier this year, The Dark Knight Rises has begun to make headlines on an almost daily basis - with just under two months left until Christopher Nolan's climactic Batman movie hits theaters.

Warner Bros. spent the past week showering fans with Dark Knight Rises posters, character one-sheets, TV spots, and domestic banners. Today, we add to the DKR paraphernalia pile with two international character banners, a "secret" poster with femme fatale Catwoman (or, rather, her high-heel), and some plot details revealed in the synopsis for a children's tie-in book - about the relationship between Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway).

Gotham becomes a veritable war-zone in Dark Knight Rises, after Bane (Tom Hardy) and his army of mercenaries, freed convicts and low-stature citizens who join the terrorist's "revolution" all attack the city, forcing Bruce to "get back in the game" after eight years of semi-retirement as the Caped Crusader.

That idea has been emphasized in recent footage and posters, but takes a bit of a backseat in the new, glossier, international Dark Knight Rises character banners. The "secret" Catwoman poster - which was hidden on the official DKR website - retains the dark, rainy, motif of previous one-sheets, starting with the second domestic poster that teases Bane's triumph over Batman.


dark knight rises international banner batman

dark knight rises international banner catwoman

dark knight rises secret catwoman poster

Meanwhile, HarperCollins has posted a short plot summary for the DKR-based kid's book, "Batman versus Catwoman." While it doesn't give away major plot points in the film - those who wish to go in as unspoiled as possible should obviously STOP READING NOW.








dark knight rises book batman catwoman

There's a ferocious feline in town, and she's out to steal from Gotham's wealthy citizens. Unfortunately, Catwoman makes a mistake when she visits venerable citizen Bruce Wayne and takes Bruce's prized family heirloom. She thinks she made a clean escape . . . but she doesn't know who she toyed with!

In other words, this confirms the popular theory that sprung up after the second Dark Knight Rises trailer featured a shot of Selina Kyle putting on a pearl necklace - that piece of jewelry is indeed the property of Bruce's late mother, bought for her by his father.

The inclusion of said element from Batman Begins should not only help Dark Knight Rises to bring Bruce's overarching character evolution full-circle (as this finale is meant to do), but it's also a clever way of setting the stage for Batman and Catwoman's complex relationship (to say the least).

dark knight rises anne hathaway catwoman

Overall, the past week of Dark Knight Rises marketing has re-energized certain portions of the fanbase - while providing further confirmation for others that the film will be an exhilarating thrill ride full of grand spectacle, intense drama, and everything else that makes for a good Batman movie. Feel free to share your own thoughts about the DKR marketing scheme in the comments section of this article.

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Marion Cotillard. It is of course directed by Christopher Nolan, based on a screenplay he co-penned with Jonathan Nolan (working from a story co-conceived by Davis S. Goyer).

Look for The Dark Knight Rises to arrive in U.S. theaters on July 20th, 2012.


Source: Warner Bros. [via Batman-News], HarperCollins Childrens [via CBM]

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