The Dark Knight Returns (To Theatres) January 2009

Now that The Dark Knight has conquered the box-office (current total: $950 million worldwide!) Warner Brothers has their sights set on a new goal: winning a handful of Academy Awards.

The studio plans to re-release the blockbuster sequel to Batman Begins this coming January - a period when voting for the Oscars is in full swing. Although it remains to be seen on just how many screens they plan on put it.

Does anyone realistically think The Dark Knight has a shot of nabbing nominations outside of the "Best Supporting Actor" and "Best Cinematography" categories?

Ironically, I actually saw The Dark Knight yesterday evening - my third time seeing it for the record. How many other people were in the screening room with me?


I'm sorry, but everyone's already seen the film 3-4 times at this point. Plus, the DVD and Blu-Ray sales are going to be killer.

I seriously doubt most folks will shell out $10 to see a film on the silver screen when they just bought it on DVD. That is... unless said DVD release is delayed.

The Dark Knight is currently (still) in theatres.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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