The Dark Knight: Failed Predictions And Monster Box Office

First things first, ladies and germs. This article is not going to make any reference to the assault charges against Christian Bale.

For any thoughts and/or comments on said matter, our buddy Bruce Simmons has written up a damn-fine article detailing the Bale arrest situation as it stands right now where you can give your $.02 on that matter.

So anyway, a solid month ago, yours truly wrote up an article questioning the insane pre-release hysteria over the release of the Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight, asking whether or not the box-office predictions many were making were in fact realistic expectations.

Well... there's no two-ways around it - when you're wrong, you're wrong, folks. And I was dead wrong! To be fair, I always thought The Dark Knight was going to pull in solid numbers. And I can point to you God knows how many examples where fans over-blew their box-office predictions based solely on their own anticipation and none-stop Internet hype.

Of course, some over-zealous readers decided to put words in my mouth and claim my article was "an attempt to capitalize on the hype for the film and attack it." Uhh... that would be: no. Anyone using 1/3 of their brain would realize I wasn't doing that in the slightest. The article was fair and objective.

In fact, I brought these concerns to Jett (aka the big-cheese over at Batman On Film News) who actually agreed with me(!) and stated he'd told the regulars on his own forum to keep their own expectations within reason based on the dark nature of the film.

Of course, we (especially me) have egg on our face. The Dark Knight proved to be the rare exception to the rule of Internet and fanboy hype. To be honest, it's good to wrong sometimes - especially with a film as solid as this.

So as it stands, The Dark Knight has in fact broken quiet a few records... with more to come. The Christopher Nolan-helmed sequel has claimed the biggest 3-day opening weekend ($158.4 million), midnight opening ($18.4 million), Friday, opening day and single day openings ($67.2 million), July and PG-13 rated openings ($158.4 million) and Sunday opening ($43.6 million).

Not to mention, just today it also broke the record for fastest to $200 million (5 days) and biggest 5 day opening ($203.8 million). And by the end of this weekend (if not sooner), it will break the fastest to $300 million record - which is currently held by Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest in 16 days.

In fact, a number of box-office experts are now saying $400 million is a lock and The Dark Knight is likely to topple Shrek 2 as the highest grossing film of the decade ($441 million). One wonders just how big this film will be once it hits the foreign box-office...

The Dark Knight is now in theatres - go add to the pot.

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