For Your Consideration: The Dark Knight

Warner Bros. has launched an ad campaign for The Dark Knight, lobbying for Oscar nominations in 15 different categories. A campaign for 28 different people, in front of and behind the camera, for those little golden statues for this year's Academy Awards.

In the latest edition of Variety and various places around the internet you'll more than likely find advertisements for TDK as we approach nomination season for the annual Oscars night. From "Best Sound Mixing" to the prized "Best Picture," Nolan and Co. hope to grab some well-deserved statues. Having delivered the highest grossing film this year, Warner Bros. is looking to help in that effort and spend some of that money on the heroes that brought The Dark Knight to the big screen.

Vying for a number of different awards, nearly every category it is eligible for has been suggested. The aforementioned "Best Picture" accompanies "Best Director" and "Best Adapted Screenplay" for Christopher Nolan. A "Best Actor" nomination for Christian Bale and a list for "Best Supporting Actor," most notably Heath Ledger for his final performance as The Joker.

Undoubtedly Ledger will receive much of the attention as it is, so I want to promote Aaron Eckhart for his portrayal of Harvey "Two Face" Dent to be fair.  Both of these actors gave stellar performances considering 70+ years of comic book history on their shoulders.  The Dark Knight deserves at least some credit for what it has given to its audience and the next generation of filmmakers.

Though I support most of these nominations, I want to especially highlight Wally Pfister for "Best Cinematography" and Nathan Crowley for "Best Art Direction" on this film. Wally Pfister has received nominations for Batman Begins and The Prestige previously and Nathan Crowley also has a nomination for The Prestige; neither or which garnered them awards.  What they have done on this film is far better than their previous work and also contributed greatly to the total package that was The Dark Knight.

A full list of nominations can be found here.

The 81st Annual Academy Awards will be broadcast on February 22nd, 2009, one year and one month after the passing of Heath Ledger.

Source: Warner Bros. Awards

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