The Dark Knight: 10 Hidden Details Everyone Missed In Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

After showing his directorial talents with Memento, Warner Bros studios took a big gamble giving the reigns of Batman over to Christopher Nolan - it was only his third studio picture, fourth overall. He was still a relative unknown at this point. But his approach, bringing Batman to the real world and giving realistic explanations for all of his wonderful toys kept Batman Begins a relatively grounded adventure. After the very frowned upon Batman And Robin, there was some trepidation. Trepidation that was quickly alleviated after witnessing the film. Batman Begins didn’t just redefine the superhero film, it redefined how even non-fans would look at the superhero film.

But once that Joker card was turned over at the end, every fan knew it was on. There isn’t much that hasn’t been said about the cinematic marvel known as The Dark Knight. It wasn’t just everything you’d want in Batman movie, it was everything you could want in a movie, period. The concluding chapter, The Dark Knight Rises featured the revolutionary Bane and combined several popular storylines to give Nolan’s Batman the proper sendoff.  Because each film was directed by Nolan, as well as written and conceived by Christopher, his brother Jonathan, and David Goyer; the movies retain their look and feel throughout the entire trilogy. Each film has callbacks and connective tissue to the others.

10 Nolan Didn’t Want A Sequel

Imagine if Batman Begins was all we got from Christopher Nolan. Even though the end of the first film was left with a huge possibility for a sequel, Nolan didn’t necessarily want to do it. He wasn’t signed on for more than one film. “I didn't have any intention of making a sequel to Batman Begins and I was quite surprised to find myself wanting to do it,” Nolan explained to Empire Magazine.

9 Harvey Dent Is The Actual Protagonist Of The Dark Knight

Thankfully, Nolan became enticed by all of the possibilities he could do with a sequel. The Dark Knight is a force of nature. Something a comic book movie hadn’t done before or since. It’s a crime saga the level of Heat. It’s about Gotham City and the good people who are trying to save it from the mob.

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Batman and the Joker just happen to be outliers for the film’s main protagonist and antagonists - the police and the mob. Leading the charge on the police side of things is Harvey Dent. He’s actually the main star of the story and his fall from grace illustrates why Gotham needs the Batman.

8 The Truck Flip Was Real

One of the highlights of The Dark Knight was the intense chase through Gotham to get to Harvey Dent, who just admitted he was Batman. With the Joker’s eighteen-wheeler in pursuit and the real Batman coming up fast in the Batpod, there was an episode collision which flipped the Joker’s truck right over. The stunt wasn’t only done for real, but it was was done for real on the streets of Chicago.

7 Every Villain Disguises Himself As A Henchmen

Throughout the series, the methods of theatricality and deception have been powerful allies, not just for Batman. But for his rogues as well. Each villain we meet, when we first meet them are posing as a lackey, as if they weren’t the real boss. Ras Al Ghul introduced himself as Ducard, an employee of Ras. The Joker was hidden with the rest of the clowns pulling off the bank heist. While it was her brief, Bane allowed himself to be captured in order to crash the plane he was on.

6 The Lambo’s Also A Batmobile

Alfred once told Bruce if he pretends to have fun, he might actually have some. He bought all kinds of fun stuff - yachts, restaurants, and Lamborghinis. During The Dark Knight, Bruce needs to help stop anyone and everyone murdering his employee, Reese; who tJoer has threatened to blow up a hospital if the deed isn’t done.

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Instead of riding around in broad daylight, he takes out the Lamborghini Murcielago. The choice of Lambo’ couldn’t have been a coincidence- Murciélago actually means bar in Spanish.

5 The Dark Knight Pays Homage To César Romero

The opening to The Dark Knight features a harrowing heist. The Joker and his goons are robbing a mob bank. Little do his goons realize that the Clown Prince Of Crime is actually with them, disguised as one of the clowns. While the Nolan bat-flicks are devoid of anything even remotely resembling the groovy sixties Batman show, the look of the Joker’s clown mask is very reminiscent to the mask that Cesar Romero donned in his first appearance as the clown in “The Jokers Wild.”

4 Victor Zsasz Is In Batman Begins

It’s easy to see why a psychopath like Victor Zsasz gets overlooked in Batman’s Rogue’s Gallery. But that doesn’t mean he should ever be underestimated. While he’s not as colorful or dynamic as someone like Penguin or the Riddler, Zsasz murders without impunity and makes a tally mark scar into his own skin. Singer Tim Booth makes a cameo as Zsasz in Batman Begins. He’s one of Falcone’s henchmen and still has his signature scars, you can see them briefly during the prisoners’ escape.

3 Batman / Joker Coin Argument

The argument has been made over the years that Batman and the Joker are two sides of the same coin. That observation is never more prevalent than in The Dark Knight. Both characters are forces of natures on a collision course. During the party scene, both Bruce and the Joker come in with an entourage looking for a drink and for Harvey. Most importantly, both men employ all sorts of terror to achieve their goals, Batman just happens to be on our side.

2 “Joffrey” Wears Batman PJs

Plenty of fans know the connection to Game Of Thrones, Joffrey actor Jack Gleeson player the little kid Rachel rescues. Aiden “Littlefinger” Gillen plays CIA operative in The Dark Knight Rises.

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There’s also a shot over Gleeson’s shoulder that shows s pair of pajama pants on a clothesline. They seem to be Batman jammies.

1 The League Of Shadows Branding

It’s never stated during Rises, but both Bane and Talia have the League Of Shadows branding. Bruce almost got on himself in Begins, but he fought back against the League. Even though he found Talia’s brand, he wasn’t able to deduce what it was. Bane’s was in a much more visible place; the back of his head.

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