The Dark Knight Continues Earning Insane Money

We thought it would be time for The Dark Knight's box office update: As of its fifth weekend in release and one month after it debuted, the movie sits at nearly $471.5 million!  It passed Star Wars (including re-releases) this weekend, domestic box office-wise (not counting for inflation and higher ticket costs), and it looks like it'll finish at Warner Bros.' predicted $500 to $520 million domestic haul.

It could hit $500 million by next weekend, but school is starting up all over America, and that could hurt it. However, it was only down 35+% from last weekend, and that's not bad.  I am cautiously optimistic it'll hit $500 million either after its sixth weekend, or during the week of August 24, 2008.

Internationally, the movie has made over $328.6 million, with a worldwide total of over $800 million.  I'm also curious if the Olympic games are affecting movie box office grosses.  It usually does, and studios try to steer clear of them.  I also wonder if the movie could've opened a week earlier and done well...

And yes, Tropic Thunder finally knocked it out of the number one spot this past weekend, but that movie didn't meet expectations (check out Kofi Outlaw's article regarding the box office battle). Four weekends in a row at number one is unheard of these days, as studios pile on potential blockbuster after blockbuster, every weekend in the summer.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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