After seeing The Dark Knight a handful of times in the theater, I’ve become somewhat worried over the fact that the movie is so good, so epic, that a standard DVD just won’t be able to do it justice. (Sorry, but I’ve been truly spoiled by those gorgeous IMAX sequences.)

Now my worries have multiplied ten-fold, as the artwork for the forthcoming Dark Knight Blu-ray has hit the net. And I have to say, this Blu-ray is looking like something that definitely needs to be added to my hallowed collection.

The only question now is where the hell am I going to get the money to buy a Blu-ray player????

The Dark Knight Blu-ray will come in several versions. Expect the standard 2-disc edition, featuring the movie on one disc and a butt-load of extras on the other, which will  come in either Batman or Joker versions, both of which appear below.

tdkbluray The Dark Knight Blu ray Revealed

The Batman Cover

tdkblurayjoker The Dark Knight Blu ray Revealed

The Joker Cover

tdkbluraybckcvr The Dark Knight Blu ray Revealed

Back Cover for the 2-disc standard edition

Of course, for those who truly wish to commemorate the sublime experience that is The Dark Knight, a special 2-disc “Batpod” edition will be available in limited supply, complete with an intricately modeled Batpod throne for your 2 disc set to rest on (and pretty much look cooler than every other DVD/Blu-ray in your collection.)

tdkbatpodspcledtn The Dark Knight Blu ray Revealed

tdkbatpodspcledtnbckcvr The Dark Knight Blu ray Revealed

“Batpod Edition” Front and back Covers (Note the mantle setup)

Inserts for the special edition will look like this:

tdkbrinsert The Dark Knight Blu ray Revealed

(Thank ComingSoon.Net for the fantastic images.)

And if all that isn’t enough, it’s rumored that a 3-disc edition of the Dark Knight Blu-ray will also be offered, the third disc being a digital copy of the movie that can be downloaded onto your Ipod, or any other compatible digital media player. (Just in case you only get through two hours of the film at home, and wish to enjoy the other four hours on the go.)

All versions of the Blu-ray will feature the “BD Live” option, allowing Internet-connected Blu-ray players to access downloadable content like Dark Knight ringtones and wallpapers. Pretty Hi-tech.

The Dark Knight will be released on Blu-ray on December 9, 2008. Hopefully by that time, I’ll have scrounged enough change from out of my couch cushions to buy a Blu-ray player. Donations welcome.

Source: Coming Soon

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