• The 10 Best Gifts For Fans Of The Dark Knight Trilogy

    While it's been seven years since the completion of The Dark Knight trilogy, it remains one of the most critically-acclaimed movie franchises that DC ever had. With Christopher Nolan at the helm, those movies created a more realistic interpretation of Batman and Gotham, leading those movies to become more thrillers than superhero stories.

    Because of how well-received those movies were, there are still many fans today. It's likely that you know at least one fan of The Dark Knight trilogy or even a Batman fan in general. If you come across those people, we know 10 perfect Dark Knight-related gifts for them.

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    Batman BeginsThe Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises are the three movies included in this box set. This is the entirety of Christopher Nolan's trilogy that captured people's hearts and minds for years. It's likely that any self-respecting Dark Knight fan already has at least the second of these three movies.

    However, this set comes with all three films as well as exclusive character art of the villains that appear in them. Also containing a letter from director Christopher Nolan, this box set could easily be worth the effort. To put the icing on the cake, the special edition set is also very inexpensive.

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    Batman has a very distinct design in The Dark Knight trilogy. With those movies focused on how practical it would be to become Batman in real life, he was given more realistic looking armor. Wearing modified bulletproof armor, a taser built into his suit and razor-sharp batarangs, this was a Batman for the modern age.

    This figure perfectly captures the character's design from the films. The figure is very poseable, having many points of articulation. It also comes with his weapons seen in the films and extra hands and heads that can be swapped for different poses.

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    It's been said that "a hero is only as good as their villain." In The Dark Knight, this philosophy comes to a head when Heath Ledger's the Joker appears. Not only was this one of the scariest interpretations of the Clown Prince of Crime to date, but it was one of the best movie villains seen in a long time.

    This Funko Pop! figure gives us that character in a cutesy bobblehead form. However, the figure still sports the Joker's frightening smile, purple suit, and calling card in hand. It's one of those cases where Funko's wide eyes actually make the figure even scarier.

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    Harvey Dent was a major character in The Dark Knight. The altruistic District Attorney for Gotham City, he was willing to dig deep into the criminal underground and snuff out all the poison. He was constantly under the threat of getting shot, but he pressed on.

    Unfortunately, the Joker happened and brought Gotham's White Knight down to his level, turning him into the deadly Two-Face. That's where this shirt comes in. Being split down the middle with Harvey's pristine suit on one side and his burned half on the other, this shirt says all there needs to be said about Two-Face.

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    The Dark Knight Trilogy was made with a lot of care and attention that many superhero movies today don't get. With a philosophy of making every effect practical unless impossible, it looked and felt impressive to see on the big screen.

    Any Dark Knight fan is going to want to know more about how those movies were made, which is why The Art and Making of the Dark Knight Trilogy would be a great gift for them. Interviews with many important people who helped create the movie, this book provides the greatest look at how these movies became such great hits.

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    At the end of Batman Begins, we hear about the Joker from Gordon. He shows Batman this new foe's calling card, which is nothing more than a Joker card. Cards were a big theme of the Joker in The Dark Knight, and he used them to help sell his theatrics.

    A Dark Knight fan would remember this association well, and thus, appreciate this set of playing cards. This deck can be used just like any other, but the artwork is inspired by how the cards looked in the film. The Joker cards also have a much more chaotic twist to them, making this deck great for hardcore fans.

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    After the Joker was locked up, Gotham City had peace for several years before Bane came to try and take it over for himself. Portrayed by Tom Hardy, Bane was a powerful and threatening figure, challenging Batman physically unlike any foe before him. This figure from Medicom expertly captures the collected villain that was Bane.

    His eyes communicate his inner violence and determination. The figure has a lot of features as well. His iconic coat can be removed, his hands can be swapped out, and it even comes with broken Batman cowls, replicating how he utterly destroyed the Dark Knight in their first battle.

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    Despite being such a prominent character in DC Comics, Catwoman didn't appear in The Dark Knight Trilogy until The Dark Knight Rises. She was a thief who was just trying to get away from her life of crime and start anew. She and Batman crossed paths and formed a relationship by the end.

    This statue gives a good look at how Anne Hathaway's Catwoman appeared in the film. She's casually sneaking down a broken set of stairs, which perfectly resembles the destruction of Gotham City. Featuring her black leather suit, this statue makes a great addition to a Dark Knight collection.

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    GET IT NOW $16.99 AT AMAZON 


    Batman: The Long Halloween is an excellent comic, often cited as one of the best Batman comics ever made. Batman has to work with Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Dent to stop someone who is murdering people on holidays.

    As they race against the clock, there are events in motion that turn Harvey into Two-Face, adding another issue Batman must face. This would make a great gift for Dark Knight fans because the story features elements that were present in the films, as well as exclusive sketches from both Christopher Nolan and David Goyer, who played a heavy role in the creation of those movies.

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    The Joker's most iconic line from The Dark Knight is "Why so serious?" This was part of a story he told about his father, which had everyone else in the room on edge. Any Dark Knight fan will recognize this line, which is why this heat-changing mug would be a perfect gift for them.

    When cold, it's a black mug. Pour a hot liquid in, and the mug fills in with white, featuring the Joker in the background spray painting "Why so serious?" on the side with his twisted grin at the end. This image was a heavy part of The Dark Knight's marketing, and it's now the best part of this mug.

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