10 Dark Horse Series That Netflix Should Adapt

Umbrella Academy was the first of Netflix's adaptations of a Dark Horse Comic, and it was received extremely well. Numbers show that the the show has been a hit for the streaming service, and they are eager to continue their partnership with the comic company. Umbrella Academy was extremely gripping and well done, and showed that Netflix can have massive success with superhero properties outside of Marvel.

Now that Disney will be launching Disney+, all future Marvel television will inevitably make its way towards their own streaming service. Netflix needed to fill the gap left by Marvel's departure and has turned to Dark Horse. Netflix and Dark Horse have struck a deal that means there are more adaptations on the way. If Umbrella Academy is any indication, future adaptations could also be huge for Netflix.

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Dark Horse is a comics company that has been producing quality series for some time now. While they're not as big as Marvel or DC, they still definitely have some hits that would be perfect for the small screen, as well as some underrated gems. Though Marvel leaving Netflix is definitely a sad day, it does open up the streaming service to bring popularity to the lesser known properties of Dark Horse.

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10 Hellboy

This is the most obvious choice and one of Dark Horse's biggest hits. Hellboy has found some success on the big screen, with Ron Perlman's version of the character being beloved by fans.

David Harbour recently portrayed Hellboy on screen, but it wasn't very well received. With low numbers at the box office, the recent adaptation is unlikely to get a sequel, and it may be time for Hellboy to head to Netflix.

9 Lady Killer

Lady Killer is an awesome series by Joelle Jones that follows the story of Josie Schuller. Josie is the stereotypical 60's housewife except for one small detail: she is also a deadly killer for hire.

The series does an amazing job of subverting tropes and is incredibly funny. One of Dark Horse's biggest strengths is that they excel in other genres besides just superheroes and Lady Killer would be an awesome adaptation.

8 Harrow County

Harrow County is a chilling series that reads like a gothic fairy tale. Once again going outside the traditional superhero genre, this series does horror and is particularly creepy. It has all of the basic elements of a horror series, from goblins and ghosts to zombies.

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A television adaptation of the series was reportedly in development all the way back in 2015, but nothing ever came of the deal. With Netflix's partnership with Dark Horse, Harrow County could finally have its chance to get on the screen.

7 Bacchus

Bacchus is a character created by Eddie Campbell based on the Roman God. Bacchus is the god of wine and parties. The character has a publication history that has jumped around between multiple different publishers and in multiple different formats, but was with Dark Horse for a major period of time.

Bacchus would be an interesting character to adapt because it would allow Netflix to dive into mythology and create a whole world.

6 The Mask

The Mask is another of Dark Horse's biggest hits. It follows a supernatural mask that gives the wearer superpowers, but drives them mad in the process. The series is best known for the movie adaptation with Jim Carrey, but what the movie doesn't capture is that the comic had a much more serious and dark tone.

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There certainly are still the hilarious moments, but the edge was lost in the film translation. It would be awesome to see Netflix do this series justice.

5 Dept. H

Dept. H is a fantastic series from Dark Horse that follows Mia, who is investigating a murder at an underwater research station. The setting for the series is incredibly detailed and complex and feels like a whole new world.

The story is packed with twists and turns and takes on a more science fiction feel as it progresses. This would definitely be an amazing choice for Netflix.

4 Hard Boiled

Hard Boiled is an incredibly unique and creative series from the mind of Frank Miller. Carl Seltz is an insurance investigator who discovers that he is actually a robot assassin. He finds himself recruited by a revolution to take down the evil company that has enslaved all the cyborgs.

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The series has been in talks forever to get a movie adaption but nothing has come of it yet. Netflix could give the series the adaptation that it deserves.

3 The Life And Times Of Martha Washington In The Twenty-First Century

Martha Washington is one of Dark Horse's best characters. Created by Frank Miller, she is a freedom fighter from Chicago that stands for Liberty in a futuristic version of America.

The series follows her as she fights in the PAX peace force and participates in the second American Civil War. This would be a great series to bring to television as it focuses on American ideals and what we stand for in trying times.

2 Black Hammer

Black Hammer is an incredibly strange and interesting tale of superheroes who are trapped in another world. They saved Spiral City, but their time is long gone as they struggle to escape from being banished.

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What makes the series interesting is that they are trapped on a peaceful farm. The comic is the perfect amount of weird and would make a great adaptation.

1 Concrete

Concrete is another incredibly weird series from Dark Horse. It's about a normal man who has his brain put inside a large stone body by aliens.

Aside from that, there are no supernatural elements, and the story revolves around Concrete trying to live a normal life as a giant stone man. The series does a fantastic job of questioning what it means to live, and it would be an interesting adaptation for Netflix to consider.

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