Rumor: Marvel Studios Commissions Dark Avengers Movie Script

Norman Osborn and the Dark Avengers

Marvel Studios reportedly has a finished script for a Dark Avengers movie. The Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know is it winding down as Phase 3 nears its end. Avengers 4 will mark the conclusion of the MCU to this point, as it says goodbye to some heroes (maybe Chris Evans' Captain America) and sets up larger future for others. Familiar faces won't be the only ones to lead the MCU into the future, as new characters and properties are being developed right now that can keep the MCU going for years to come.

One of these new properties is The Eternals, a movie that has gained traction quickly after landing writers in the middle of the year and recently getting Chloe Zhao to direct. Marvel is known for picking obscure properties in the past, but they've also used some major characters and teams to find new franchises. According to the latest rumor, the Dark Avengers may be one of them.

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That Hashtag Show is reporting Marvel Studios has commissioned a script for a Dark Avengers movie. There is no word on who wrote the script, but their source does say the script is complete. Marvel Studios has several scripts for unannounced movies waiting to be brought to life, and That Hashtag Show does not know where Dark Avengers falls in the pecking order. It could be a priority for Marvel or another script that will collect dust until they decide to take the next towards making it into a movie.

The Dark Avengers, led by Norman Osborn

The Dark Avengers were first formed in 2009 by Brian Michael Bendis as the stars of their own comic series. The team was created by Norman Osborn after the government assigned him with redeveloping the team, as he was the head of a reformed S.H.I.E.L.D. called H.A.M.M.E.R. Osborn was tasked with this after helping defeat the Skrulls as part of the Secret Invasion storyline. His original roster includes the Greek god of war Ares, addict turned hero Sentry, and a new Captain Marvel named Noh-Varr. But, with Osborn himself also going from villain to hero as Iron Patriot, he also brought on villains to portray heroes: Moonstone became Ms. Marvel; Mac Gargan became Spider-Man/Venom; Bullseye became Hawkeye; and Wolverine's son Daken took the place of his father.

Adapting Dark Avengers with this current roster is still a difficult task for the current state of the MCU, but the idea of a government controlled super team isn't. S.H.I.E.L.D. may no longer be around in the MCU and Nick Fury appears to be answering to someone else in the Avengers: Infinity War post-credits scene. However, once the universe's population is restored, this government organization may be using Spider-Man, and may be responsible for giving Spider-Man his new Far From Home suit. This could build on the Sokovia Accords and actually putting them to use in a larger way. Additionally, the Skrulls being introduced in Captain Marvel signals a Secret Invasion storyline could come soon, so Marvel may already be setting the stage for the Dark Avengers to rise.

At this point though, there is no definitive proof that Marvel has any intentions of making a Dark Avengers movie, but they're prepared just in case. The movie could come as soon as Phase 4, get stuck in development until Phase 6, or even never happen. All it could take is a great pitch from a director like Antoine Fuqua to get it moving too. Either way, Marvel is at least considering the idea of a Dark Avengers movie, so we'll have to just wait and see if they do anything with it.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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