Daria Creator Imagines Cast 20 Years Later


Sometimes a spinoff can take on a life of its own. One such spinoff that very much became its own entity was the animated MTV hit Daria, which followed the exploits of a recurring character on Beavis and Butthead after she moved to the fictional town of Lawndale. And now that the show is 20 years old, co-creator Susie Lewis has spoken about where she thinks the characters are two decades years later.

Daria Morgendorffer was a misfit high school student who had no interest in fitting in or being popular. She and her best friend -- the artistic Jane Lane -- dealt with the typical teenage dramas and angst such as dating, choosing a college, and their families with an endless supply of wit and sarcasm. No matter what happened to them, they refused to conform to the small town's ideas about normal, even as everyone else in their lives found ways to fit in. The show ended with Daria and Jane settling on where they were going to college.

Lewis and character designer Karen Disher shared their concept of where the cast is now with EW:

Apparently Daria herself is still breaking boundaries, living in Hell's Kitchen with her pet cat and working as the only female writer on a late-night talk show. The sorts of monologues that late-night hosts give could certainly use Daria's sarcastic humor and sharp tongue. Jane is also in New York, living in SoHo and working on an art career with some moderate success. She's married, but she and Daria continue to frequently do their favorite past time -- go to social events and talk exclusively to each other.

Lewis also touched on some of the supporting characters. Daria's fashionista little sister Quinn has a YouTube channel where she talk about both dessert and skin care -- when not chasing after her triplet sons. Like many small town people, she still lives in Lawndale. And so do her and Daria's parents, even though they are now retired and constantly taking off on cruise vacations.

As for Jane's family, her brother Trent was the most seen on the show. He's also in NYC with Daria and Jane, working as a bartender in Queens and playing with his new band -- Trent Lane and the Mystikal Explosion. He's a one-hit wonder with the band, but so far that's it.

As for Daria and Jane's classmates, Lewis stuck with the two who best represented Daria's total opposites. Brittney and Kevin, the ditzy cheerleader and her quarterback boyfriend got married. She works as a weather girl and cheerleading coach whereas he is a stay-at-home dad for their five children.

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As for the many other character on Daria we'll just have to use our imaginations as to where they are now.

Source: EW

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