Vincent D'Onofrio Is Still Campaigning to Get Daredevil Uncancelled

Daredevil star Vincent D'Onofrio - the man behind the villainous Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk - is still trying to save the show and get it uncanceled.

Daredevil - Vincent Donofrio as Kingpin

Daredevil star Vincent D'Onofrio - the man behind the villainous Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk - is still trying to save the show and get it uncanceled. It already seems like a long time ago at this point, but the relationship between Netflix and Marvel used to be a thriving one, with multiple series earning mostly acclaim from both fans and critics, and an ever-expanding roster of interesting characters. That was until last fall, when Netflix suddenly began dropping the axe on all its Marvel programs, with Jessica Jones' recent third season serving as the last hurrah.

While a reason for the cancellations was never entirely spelled out publicly, one assumes it likely had to do with Disney's coming move into the streaming game with Disney+, and plan to remove its content from Netflix once current agreements run out. Disney execs have hinted at the possibility that Netflix's Marvel shows or characters could one day return on Disney+, although contractual terms require a years-long waiting period beforehand.

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Many fans have probably long since accepted the idea that Daredevil season 4 won't happen, but it turns out the same can't be said for D'Onofrio, who's portrayal of Kingpin earned raves. D'Onofrio has made no secret of the fact that he was surprised and disappointed by Daredevil's cancellation, and that he would very much like the series to be resurrected. As seen in a recent Twitter reply, D'Onofrio's desire for more Daredevil continues.

What exactly D'Onofrio means by the above is unclear, but being an actor of his acclaim, it's not hard to imagine D'Onofrio having personally lobbied Marvel, Netflix, or Disney in private to try and make a season 4 happen. If that's the case, he clearly hasn't been successful, at least not yet. But considering he wasn't tagged in the tweet, his reply to it suggests that D'Onofrio is still monitoring the fan campaign to save Daredevil, a cause he's lent his public support to in the past.

Whether or not fans ever see another season of Daredevil - or some type of reprisal of their roles by the cast members in another Marvel project - the show's legacy as one of the best-reviewed superhero TV shows in history remains secure. Still, it would be a real crime to never get to witness D'Onofrio's bruising, fascinating take on Wilson Fisk wreck shop in Hell's Kitchen again, or for that matter Charlie Cox's complex, three-dimensional characterization of Daredevil and Matt Murdock. For now though, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen is off duty, at least onscreen. Offscreen, surely more innocents need saving from the forces of evil.

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