Daredevil's Vincent D'Onofrio Shares Fan Petition to Save Show

Daredevil - Vincent Donofrio as Kingpin

Daredevil actor Vincent D'onofrio - the man behind Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk - shares a fan petition in the hopes of saving the series from cancellation. In late-November, Marvel fans worldwide were stunned when Netflix announced the sudden cancellation of Daredevil. The news came mere weeks after Daredevil showrunner Erik Oleson met with Netflix executives to pitch his plans for season 4. It was even later revealed by recurring Daredevil actress Amy Rutberg (Marci Stahl) that plans were already in motion to begin season 4 filming in February, prior to Netflix unexpectedly dropping the axe.

To make matters worse for Marvel fans, Daredevil's end came only a month after the equally unexpected cancellations of Iron Fist and Luke Cage by Netflix. It would seem that Netflix was intent on cleaning house of its Marvel properties, although it was unclear why. Some rumors suggested it was in fact Marvel who made the call to end the three series, but that's never been confirmed. While current contracts prevent Netflix's Marvel shows and characters from jumping to the new Disney Plus streaming service until 2020, Disney Plus boss Kevin Mayer has said continuing the canceled series after that time is a possibility.

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When Daredevil was canceled, the cast and crew behind the acclaimed superhero show was understandably quite upset. One person to lament the news was D'Onofrio, who wowed viewers with his portrayal of brutal villain Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk during all three Daredevil seasons. Now, the veteran actor has decided to support the cause a bit, and share a fan petition pushing for the show's return. Check out his post below.

The petition was started by Joseph Garcia, and implores Marvel and Netflix to do one of two things. Either negotiate a new deal to renew Daredevil on Netflix or another outlet, or reach an agreement to allow the Marvel characters previously housed on Netflix to appear in other Marvel productions. Naturally, if the latter were to occur, Garcia wants the characters in question to be played by the original cast.

Is a petition likely to actually save Daredevil, as fans have known the series? No, probably not. That ship seems to have sailed, even with D'Onofrio doing his best to get the word out about fan efforts to resurrect the show. What the petition might do - which currently has almost 50,000 signatures - is reinforce to Marvel that Daredevil might be worth bringing back on Disney Plus, once contracts allow them to do so. For now, Marvel fans can look forward to the Netflix releases of The Punisher season 2 and Jessica Jones season 3, although logic says those two series will be canceled not long after their latest seasons drop. After all, why get rid of Daredevil, but keep Punisher?

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