15 Times Daredevil Brutally Ended Someone's Life

The only place where death isn’t permanent is the comic book universe. They probably don’t even pay taxes, either. How many times has your favorite Marvel hero been killed by Deadpool alone?

When we think of superheroes, we don't think of them as killers, that's usually saved for the bad guys. Sure, there are some heroes who are openly okay with killing, like Wolverine and The Punisher, but the majority like to call down from their high horse that they “don’t believe in it.”

So, it may come as a bit of a surprise when you discover that many of your favorite “virtuous” superheroes have amassed amazing death tolls. However, we suppose that not everyone can be as pristine as Squirrel Girl.

Heroes like Daredevil will say they live by a strict "no-killing" policy, but if you peek into Daredevil's past, you will immediately find that he’s more of a “for the greater good” kind of guy.

This means that, if he has to sacrifice one person to save many, he'll do it, but he won't be happy about it. He is happy to murder ninjas, though-- he murders ninjas pretty much all the time.

Get ready to have your expectations of Daredevil as a virtuous hero completely destroyed, because here are the 15 Times Daredevil Brutally Ended Someone's Life. 

Don’t be surprised when you find out he’s killed the same person more than once, though, since this is the Marvel Universe.

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15 The Fist

The Fist is a reanimated corpse that was created by Daredevil’s favorite crime group: the Hand. Does this count as a real killing? Is it truly alive? Well, it is walking around and murdering people. So, who’s to say?

In this case we’re going with the fact that Daredevil did kill it. It is pretty similar to how Rick Grimes kills walkers-- it may not be murder per se, but it’s still in the realm of killing stuff and can open the doors for some real crimes against humanity.

At first, Daredevil is unsure of how he is going to kill this "half-dead beast infused with evil energies through the mystic arts of the Hand" in Daredevil #5, so he begins the fight by flying in on a rope and shoving his boots in the Fist's face.

After some back and forth battling, Daredevil gets bored and beheads the Fist by tying a rope around his neck and pulling as hard as he can. Rough way to go...

14 Felicia Hardy

Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat, has been known to make out with Daredevil on occasion, but this time he chooses to slice her in half with a sword instead in Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider Clan #1-- love is funny sometimes.

However, it's not totally Daredevil's fault: Hardy stole an evil amulet and was being chased down by ninjas. Spider-Man managed to beat up the ninjas so they wouldn't hurt her. We find out later, though, that Spider-Man's pursuit was all in vain because, in the midst of all the craziness, Daredevil appears and kills her.

He probably mistook her for a member of the shadow clan -- since she was stealing an evil relic -- so it could have been an accident. In her defense, though, he did appear out of nowhere, without any idea of what was happening, deciding that the first thing he should do is to chop a young girl in half.

Luckily for Hardy, and many of Daredevil's victims, she is later resurrected. She becomes a Cyborg, donning the moniker of the Black Cat. She continues doing what she’s known for best: stealing stuff and occasionally doing some good when there's a hunky superhero that she can team up with.

13 Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and Ghost Rider

Daredevil kills Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and Ghost Rider while possessed by “the Beast,” a demon that takes over his body in Daredevil: Reborn vol 1 #3. The three heroes all team up in order to take on the demon-infused Daredevil in an epic battle, but ultimately lose. 

This "illusion" is shown to the normal Daredevil, from when he is still under the beast's control, by Calavera-- a crime boss who can peer into people’s souls and then show them what he sees. How do you look at yourself in the mirror after this guy is through with you?

Calavera shoots Daredevil in the head and sends him into a lake, but later Daredevil is resurrected by Elektra. Daredevil is ashamed of his behaviour and didn't mean to kill his friends, but he sleeps well at night knowing that it was the Demon’s fault not his, right? Nope, it was totally his fault-- the demon would not have grown if Daredevil hadn't killed Bullseye in the first place. 

12 Larks

In Daredevil The Man Without Fear #5, Daredevil is in hot pursuit of Wilson Fisk’s top assassin Larks, who is holding a little girl hostage. Daredevil chases them all the way to a warehouse (which is very convenient) and pleads with Larks to let the little girl go.

Daredevil tells Larks that he doesn't want to kill him, which pretty much implies that, if Larks doesn't let the little girl go, Daredevil will murder him. Larks decides not to take the advice and, instead, shoots at Daredevil several times.

Daredevil allows one single bullet to graze him before he starts swinging his sword against the bullets, sending them flying right back over to Larks. In one final swish of his sword, Daredevil sends Larks’ final bullet right between Larks' eyes. In the words of Taylor Swift: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

11 Stick

Daredevil has even murdered his old mento, Stick. In What If? Daredevil vs Elektra vol 1 #1, Daredevil goes by the name of "the Advocate," and he was the person who was killed during the shooting that originally killed Elektra’s father.

In this reality, Elektra is an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the resurrected Advocate works for the Hand. The Advocate returns to Hell’s Kitchen in order to murder Wilson Fisk, but he doesn’t stop there.

The Advocate also kills anyone who tries to get in his way, and this sadly means Stick. Additionally, the Advocate has this cute quirk of keeping the heads of his victims as trophies on his wall. In the comic we don’t see exactly how the Advocate kills Stick, but putting two and two together when the severed head is shown in the Advocate’s lair later, the best guess is decapitation.

10 Nick Fury

We suppose that the underlining message here is that, if you want to live, you probably shouldn't mess with Daredevil in alternate realities. From the beginning of What if? Daredevil vs Elektra #1, Nick Fury is heavily interested in what happened to Matt Murdock after his death, so much so that he checks on Murdock's grave site on a hunch and finds it empty.

Nick Fury finds this incredibly suspicious and chooses to investigate further, but not for long... the Advocate (aka Murdock) reappears in Hell's kitchen in order to murder Wilson Fisk and Bullseye.

After the Advocate succeeds, Nick Fury decides that he must be stopped. He follows the former Daredevil and fights hand-to-hand with him. Elektra stumbles upon them, but she's unfortunately too late to help Nick.

As soon as she leaps into action Nick Fury is decapitated by the Advocate. Later, Nick Fury’s head-- eye-patch and all-- is hung up on the Advocate’s wall next to tons of other heads of Bullseye and Fisk. 

9 Wilson Fisk

Daredevil kills a lot of people in the What If? comic books. This time around, in What if? Karen Page Had Lived #1, Daredevil's love interest Karen Page is still alive after an attack and Daredevil now knows who did it.

He finds out that Wilson Fisk had supplied information to Mysterio that initially led to Page’s attack. Instead of going after Mysterio, however, Daredevil chooses to go straight to root of the problem. Daredevil breaks into Fisk’s home and murders him immediately with one throw of his baton right into the Kingpin's neck.

Now we know that Daredevil will take vengeance on perpetrators only if his girlfriends manage to survive attacks. Usually, Daredevil broods for a while then starts dating someone else, even though he knows that their lives will soon be in danger.

He has a sort of "wait and see" attitude regarding their general safety. It's a good litmus test for how much one lady can survive-- why waste time on a gal whose just gonna die anyway?

8 Tiepin

Tiepin and Dourdevil were characters created in a special comic strip satirizing Frank Miller’s gritty Daredevil series. In this version, Dourdevil receives his powers by a radioactive Ray Charles record falling onto his head. This accident caused him to turn blind, but his singing voice is improved immensely.

In one of the comics, Daredevils #8, Dourdevil is seen running around Noo Yawk City very excitedly, trying to obtain a celebrity's autograph. However, in what can only be a freak accident, he unexpectedly kills the Tiepin of Crime (a version of Kingpin).

How does this happen? Dourdevil accidentally stabs Tiepin directly in the eye with a pen. Why does he want his autograph? Dourdevil mistakenly believes Tiepin is the ever-popular crooner, Dean Martin. This is, of course, a very common mistake. 

7 Richard Fisk

In What If? The Kingpin Owned Daredevil vol 2 #73, the Kingpin and Daredevil have a father/son relationship, which made a few fans very uncomfortable, but also bothers the Kingpin’s real son Richard Fisk. It’s a tale as old as time: the spoiled rich kid doesn’t feel loved by his father so he makes it his personal mission to murder him, purely in order to make himself feel better.

Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock head to a storage facility to go through Jack Murdock's old things, discussing how Fisk should stop being a criminal and, instead, start working in a legitimate business.

However, Richard Fisk shows up with two goons who armed with guns. They succeed in killing the Kingpin, but Richard's excitement is short lived, since, unfortunately, Richard murdered his father on Daredevil’s watch. 

Daredevil takes his revenge by breaking Richard's leg with a crow bar. He then pushes him off a ledge, leaving Richard to fall to his death on a hard concrete surface below. 

6 A Helicopter Pilot

One of Daredevil's first kills was a regular average Joe pilot. However, this unnamed helicopter pilot decided to side with the super-soldier called Nuke in Daredevil #233. During a fight between Daredevil and Nuke, Nuke’s back up helicopter fighter starts shooting at Daredevil’s friend Glori.

This makes Daredevil extremely angry and, in a moment of rage, he realizes that enough is enough. Daredevil uses Nuke’s own gun to shoot a giant missile at the pilot. In the next panel, the helicopter blows up in a giant explosion, as Daredevil asks an unknown entity for forgiveness since there’s no way that pilot could have survived that.

Though you truly never know with Marvel-- we might find him resurrected by the Hand and flying ships under Elektra's orders one day. However, given the fact that he was never provided a real name, it's unlikely that we'll ever see this pilot again.

5 Bullseye

Daredevil Destroys Bullseye

Daredevil vol 2 #81 "The Murdock Papers" involves the United States vs Matthew Murdock. Matthew Murdock is in court awaiting trial, but he must have been waiting a very long time, since he decides to jump right out of there and escape. 

He meets Black Widow on a rooftop and she takes him to meet his love Milla. The pair go into hiding in Paris, France, but Bullseye soon finds out and tracks them down, murdering Milla.

He taunts Daredevil by reminding him that Bullseye is 3 for 3 with Murdock’s girlfriends. Poor Murdock can’t take it any longer, so he lunges at Bullseye and wrestles him out of the window. Bullseye falls, snapping his neck in front of a crowd of bystanders and witnesses.

4 Manuel de la Rocha

Manuel De la Rocha is a mutant with the abilities of an Empath. This means he has the ability to sense other people’s emotions, which he can also control to an extent. In X-Universe #2, Manuel was rigged up to a mechanism that boosted his emotion-controlling powers so that they became so strong that he was able to control the emotions of large populations of humans.

However, a riot breaks out among the people who he was controlling, and thus he begins to feel a strong sense of anger and pain from each individual person as they get bashed around and hit in the commotion.

Daredevil, being the hero he is, can't stand the sight of seeing a man go through so much misery, so he decides to beat Manuel to death with his billy club. Beating him to a pulp manages to stop the pain, as well as Manuel's ability to breath. Why didn’t he just remove him from the mechanism? Wouldn't that have been easier for everyone?

3 Wilson Fisk

Wilson Fisk is yet another person who Daredevil has beaten to a pulp with his billy club-- he must really love that thing. It truly is an astonishing day when a hero manages to overcome his weaknesses and finally defeat his arch-nemesis.

In Daredevil End of Days #1, Daredevil was in a truly dark place (well, you’ve got to be in order to beat people to death with a club, right?). He was disgraced and outed by name to the press.

Daredevil decides he isn’t going to play this cat and mouse game anymore, especially now that he is able to kill the cat once and for all. Daredevil breaks into Wilson Fisk's home and Fisk finally gets his comeuppance-- hard.

2 Bullseye

It’s safe to say that Daredevil and Bullseye are mortal enemies. Bullseye is certainly obsessed with pissing Daredevil off, i.e. murdering and torturing Daredevil’s girlfriends. However, what finally sets Daredevil off is when Bullseye mass murders over 100 people and then taunts Daredevil for not killing him when he had the chance.

This is not a smart thing to do, because later in Shadowland #1, Daredevil dons a black costume (as heroes are want to do when getting rebellious) and dislocates both of Bullseye’s shoulders, rendering him basically useless, before delivering a deadly blow through his chest.

Daredevil shoves his sword through Bullseye so hard that it lifts him off of his feet-- this image is reminiscent of the way Bullseye killed Elektra. Bullseye's death is short lived, however, as we find out later that Bullseye was resurrected. The resurrection doesn't go completely according to plan, though-- Bullseye survives but only as a paraplegic. 

1 Mary Walker

Matt Murdock Accidentally Kills Mary Walker and She Becomes Typhoid Mary

Before there was Daredevil there was just Matt Murdock, a kid blinded by an accident who decides to strengthen his instincts and train as a fighter. Still new to his training, The Man Without Fear mini series chronicles Murdock in his younger days before he became his superhero alter-ego Daredevil.  

Unfortunately, when you’re first starting out you’re bound to make a few mistakes here and there. In one scene, a young Matt Murdock chases a villain into a brothel. The prostitutes know the villain and begin attacking Murdock. He finds himself in a panic, choking on perfume and getting clawed at by topless women.

He accidentally kicks a young prostitute named Mary Walker out of a window. It is later revealed in a Deadpool crossover story, that the young woman actually survived this fall, but it caused her to become Typhoid Mary. However, in all honesty, who can trust what that guy says? Either way, the old Mary Walker as we knew her, the wholesome prostitute, is now ¼ of a personality in an unstable mutant.


Is Daredevil a killer? Technically yes, but does that makes him a bad guy? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section!

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