Daredevil Showrunner 'Hopeful' For Season 4 Renewal At Netflix

Marvel's Daredevil season 3 showrunner Erik Oleson is 'hopeful' for a season 4 renewal from Netflix. Daredevil was the first show as part of Marvel TV and Netflix's deal for a lineup of comics-based superhero shows that eventually materialized as Matt Murdock's solo series, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Additionally as part of the deal, the four titular heroes teamed up for The Defenders miniseries. Then, they launched The Punisher spinoff from Daredevil season 2. All the while, Daredevil has stayed strong as the flagship Marvel TV show on Netflix.

In recent weeks, though, Marvel's lineup on the streaming service has seen some shake-ups. Notably, Iron Fist was cancelled, and it was announced only a week later that Luke Cage was cancelled as well. Though Netflix made a name for itself as the streaming service listening to what fans want and giving it to them, the company hasn't shied away from cancelling beloved series either. Given the quick succession in which Iron Fist and Luke Cage were axed, fans may be wondering if Daredevil is next. Since Daredevil season 3 just premiered, the series' latest showrunner offered his insight about a potential season 4.

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In an interview with EW, Oleson was asked about season 4, and whether he'd heard word from Netflix about a potential renewal. While he couldn't offer much, he did say, "I can tell you that I’m very hopeful to go do a season 4." The season 3 showrunner - who took over from season 1's Steven S. DeKnight and season 2's Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez - went on to say, "There has not yet been any kind of an official pick-up, but if there is, I’m very hopeful that I will be a part of it."

Certainly, it seems unlikely Daredevil will join Luke Cage and Iron Fist in the pile of cancelled Marvel Netflix shows - but, many would have said the same about Luke Cage following Iron Fist's somewhat more explainable cancellation. Still, Daredevil is Netflix's flagship Marvel TV show and though it isn't quite as safe as The Punisher and Jessica Jones at the moment, Oleson's confidence is undoubtedly reassuring.

In terms of what season 4 will entail should Daredevil be renewed and Oleson set to return as showrunner, he did offer a brief tease about whether Bullseye (Wilson Bethel) will return. Oleson said, when asked if Bullseye will be the main villain of season 4:

I’m not allowed to answer that question, I’m afraid. Let’s just say we have now seen the origin of Bullseye, and there are many, many stories yet to tell with this cast of characters. Whether season 4 goes in that direction or another, Bullseye will be living and breathing in this world because we’ve now seen how he has been created.

After Bullseye was such a well received aspect of Daredevil season 3, it's hard to believe the show wouldn't take advantage of that and make him the main villain of Matt Murdock's next outing. That said, what becomes of Daredevil and Bullseye remains to be seen when Netflix decides what to do with the Marvel TV show. As for when that news will arrive, fans will just have to wait and see if Daredevil is renewed or cancelled.

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Daredevil seasons 1-3 are now available to stream on Netflix.

Source: EW

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