Daredevil Showrunner Just Pitched Season 4 to Netflix

Netflix has officially heard Daredevil showrunner Erik Oleson's pitch for season four. The Charlie Cox-led Marvel origin series has been a big hit for the streaming service over three seasons. Reviews for the newest 13-episode story pointed to a return to form, and have left viewers wondering what the renewal chances are.

After having to spend much of season two setting up the larger future of Netflix's universe of Marvel properties, the third season of Daredevil returned to the basics. This meant a deep dive into Matt Murdock's psyche, and putting him up against Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) once again. The story brought Matt back into the lives of his former friends Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) and Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) in a satisfying way, while also setting the stage for them to have a future together. Plus, the new season holds possibly the greatest fight scene of any Marvel property. The consensus is that season three was a home run, even if viewership continues to decline. But with the series producing great content, fans aren't ready to see it leave just yet.

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The future of Daredevil hasn't yet been decided, but a big step in determining Netflix's decision has finally happened. Oleson took over showrunning duties for season 3, and he's now revealed on Twitter that he just pitched the higher ups at the streaming service what his plan for season 4 would be. The details of the pitch haven't been revealed, but Oleson and the legion of Daredevil supporters are now crossing their fingers that Netflix will keep the show alive.

While many would've believed Dardevil's renewal was just a formality given the reception, Netflix's recent moves with fellow Marvel properties have made many uneasy. Netflix recently cancelled Iron Fist after just two seasons, despite the finale setting up a brand new future. A week later, on the day Daredevil season 3 debuted, they also cancelled Luke Cage. Both shows were far from the critical hits that Daredevil was, but the decisions were the first signs that none of Marvel's series were safe.

The fate of Daredevil is unclear at best right now, but Oleson's pitch will go a long way in the company deciding whether or not to keep the show around. A shorter and cheaper version of the series could better the chances of keeping Daredevil alive, as Netflix's past decisions showed they aren't afraid to end these series on cliffhangers. Oleson previously stated that he was hopeful for Daredevil's renewal. If Netflix does decide to can Daredevil, at least the show will go out on an incredibly high note, and have a rather satisfying ending. Sure, the Bullseye tease will go unexplored, but the rest of the storylines could be viewed as coming to their natural conclusions. We'll just have to wait and see what Netflix decides, but they now know what a potential fourth season of Daredevil would look like.

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