How Wilson Fisk Gets Out of Prison In Daredevil Season 3

Daredevil Season 3 Wilson Fisk

Daredevil season 3 showrunner Erik Oleson has revealed how Wilson Fisk gets out of prison and hinted at The Kingpin's greater machinations this season. Although Daredevil season 1 ended with the villain being exposed and imprisoned for his crimes against Hell's Kitchen, nobody really thought that would be the last we saw of Fisk. Sure enough, he showed up again part-way through season 2 and made a deal with Frank Castle that allowed him to assume control of Ryker's Island prison from the inside.

Not long thereafter, he and Matt Murdock had a (violent) meeting in which Fisk promised to destroy Matt and his law partner/BFF Foggy Nelson's lives as soon as he gets out of prison. Season 2 ultimately left Fisk doing some additional research on Matt and his background, having begun to suspect a larger connection between the blind lawyer and The Devil of Hell's Kitchen. When Kingpin gets out of prison in season 3, it's safe to assume that he wastes little time before shifting his attention to dismantling Matt's life, like he swore to do.

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Question is, how does Fisk get out of Ryker's Island to begin with? Fortunately, Olseon gave Screen Rant (part of) the answer to that query during our visit to the Daredevil season 3 set:

He learns in the first episode this season that Vanessa, his love, will face criminal charges as an accessory to his crimes in season 1 and that pushes Fisk to make a decision to become a state’s witness against other criminals in the city and that brings the FBI - and Jay Ali, Ray Nadeem is the FBI agent who becomes his handler, essentially, and gets Fisk out of prison and moves him into a penthouse … while he’s ratting out other criminals. But as we all know, Wilson Fisk, there’s often more to him than meets the eye and I see him this season as somewhat of a spymaster. … We’ve always seen Fisk has his hooks into people and I go a lot deeper with that this season and that will set Matt and Fisk, of course, on a collision course which will have tremendous implications for everyone in our cast and for who Matt is.

Oleson's answer here only further hints at the influence that Frank Miller's comic book storyline "Born Again" has on Daredevil season 3. That famous arc by Miller was published in 1986 and follows Kingpin as he sets out to systematically destroy Matt's life, having finally discovered that he and Daredevil are one and the same. Daredevil star Charlie Cox has confirmed that season 3 will draw inspiration from Miller's story, but cautioned that it won't be at all a beat-for-beat adaptation of the source material.

Fisk's ability to manipulate the legal system also explains why Matt is disillusioned with the law in the Daredevil season 3 trailers that've been released thus far. As Oleson suggested in his interview, Matt will have to decide what he really believes and whether his refusal to kill his enemies is the right choice once Kingpin's loose on the streets again in season 3. Whereas Daredevil season 2 was tasked with a lot of world-building and setting up last year's miniseries The Defenders, this story ought to allow season 3 to bring the Netflix series back to its character-driven roots from season 1.

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Marvel's Daredevil season 3 begins streaming Friday, October 19 on Netflix.

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