Daredevil Season 3: Sister Maggie May Not Be Who Fans Expect

Sister Maggie is coming to Daredevil in season 3, but she might not the character that comic book readers are expecting. The mysterious Maggie was name-dropped at the end of last year's miniseries The Defenders, after Matt Murdock was shown waking up in a nunnery - having miraculously survived a battle with The Hand that culminated with Midland Circle (the clandestine organization's base of operations in New York) literally collapsing on Matt's head.

The scene showed a heavily-bandaged Matt beginning to wake from his slumber, prompting the nurse watching over him to tell someone offscreen to "Get Maggie. Tell her he's awake". In addition to being a visual homage to a similar moment from Frank Miller's "Born Again" comic book arc (a story that's providing inspiration for Daredevil season 3), the sequence was noteworthy for mentioning Maggie, the name of Matt's birth mother in the Marvel comic books. It has since been confirmed that Joanne Whalley (The Bourgeois, The White Princess) is playing Sister Maggie on the series.

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What hasn't been confirmed, however, is whether this Sister Maggie is one and the same as Matt's mother from the comics. While Screen Rant asked Daredevil star Charlie Cox about the Maggie character during our visit to the season 3 set, the actor was (naturally) tight-lipped on the subject - saying he's simply excited to see how fans react to her dynamic with Matt in the first episode:

The first episode was all me and her, and I’ve just loved that relationship. I’m excited for the fans to see that because I think some people will think that they know who she is to me, and whether they’re right or wrong, it will be interesting for them to watch that dynamic I think - I hope.

Showrunner Erik Oleson further teased the possibility that Sister Maggie is Matt's long-absent mother when he told us that "Guardian Devil" (a comic book story that includes the character) was one of the inspirations for Daredevil season 3, along with "Born Again". Whalley, however, was more careful when we asked her about her season 3 role and what viewers can expect:

I play Sister Maggie Grace and I can’t tell you too much without spoiling it for you, but she’s a really interesting character. She’s got a lot of strings to her bow and a few unexpected dark corners that we get to shine a light in. Her relationship with Matt is… eventful.

She is a nun and the place that he is taken to when he needs help is the old orphanage and that’s what she does, she takes care of people, children. And they take him in.

It's quite possible that Sister Maggie is Matt's mom, plain and simple, and the members of the Marvel TV family are merely doing their part to keep the mystery going for a few more weeks. Another possibility is that Matt, like the fans, suspects that Maggie is his birth mother upon first meeting her, but either he ends up being wrong or she refuses to confirm his suspicions. However things unfold, the scenes between Matt and Maggie promise to be emotionally charged and get season 3 started on a strong note.

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Marvel's Daredevil season 3 begins streaming Friday, October 19 on Netflix.

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