Daredevil Season 3 Set Photos Reveal The Black Suit Will Return

It looks like Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, has plans to return to his roots since the black suit he wore throughout most of Daredevil season 1 will make a comeback in season 3. In season 1 of the Marvel and Netflix series, Murdock created a very simple black suit that included a scarf-like hood with a mask. He refused to wear body armor, so the suit was basic, just something that would help him better blend in with the night, when he did most of his vigilantism. Of course, that meant he ended most of his battles bloodied, bruised and broken.

Eventually, though, Murdock had to admit that he needed something a little better in his efforts to take down Kingpin, so he turned to Melvin Potter for a suit that was more durable and offered better protection. That suit was the signature red suit that is similar to what Daredevil most often wears in the comics.

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Instagram user lenottideldiavolo posted photos taken during filming of Daredevil season 3. These photos show a return to the original black suit. Does this mean that Murdock decided he didn't need body armor again? Is he just a masochist who likes ending every fight with at least one broken bone and a series of deep cuts and scratches? Or is this for a flashback scene, something that actually occurred in season 1, but that fans will only just now get to see in season 3? Not much is known about what might happen in the third season of the series, although it is likely that none of the events from Avengers: Infinity War will impact anything in the Marvel/Netflix universe.

Fans last saw Daredevil in The Defenders, when he helped Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage take on The Hand to save their beloved New York City because the Avengers were too busy doing other things. Although it almost seemed like Daredevil was dead at the end of that series, a final scene showed him being nursed back to health in a nondescript location. It's likely that Daredevil season 3 will pick up there.

When it comes to suiting up, fans probably prefer the red suit over the simple black one. Here's hoping that this is only a temporary costume adjustment in season 3 or that the old suit alludes to a flashback. There is no frame of reference to these photos, so whatever is really going on here is anyone's guess.

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