Daredevil Returns From The Dead In First Season 3 Photos

Daredevil season 3

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen lives in new Daredevil season 3 photos. The last time viewers saw Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) in The Defenders, he was pronounced dead. However, it quickly became clear that Matt did survive their showdown with The Hand and was being nursed back to health. Even though Iron Fist (Finn Jones) has been looking over Daredevil's city in his absence, Daredevil will return to his old stomping grounds soon, with Netflix officially announcing an October return.

The third season is highly anticipated as the first two seasons of Daredevil make up some of Marvel and Netflix's best work. However, now on its third showrunner - as Erik Oleson takes over - the new season of Daredevil will feature plenty of familiar elements. Vincent D'Onofrio returns at Wilson Fisk, while Matt appears to have ditched his red threads for his original black suit. Fans got their first glimpse at the dark season with the Daredevil teaser at the end of Iron Fist season 2, but now even more proper marketing materials are arriving.

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Matt leaving his regular life alone is a major decision but one Oleson teases it is part of the "broken" Matt Murdock this new season starts with. He returns to Hell's Kitchen to fight crime and his personal demons, but does it without letting Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) or Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) know. Eventually, he does reach out to his long-time friend and former business partner Foggy, as pictured below.

While Foggy and Matt may be having drinks in the picture, this isn't a completely pleasant reunion. It isn't known how much time passes between Matt's "death" in The Defenders and season 3 of Daredevil, but everyone in Matt's life has continued to try and move forward without him around. Oleson spoke about what Foggy is thinking and feeling about Matt's emergence by saying, "If you thought one of your close friends was dead and he decided not to tell you he survived, you would probably have some issues with that.”

These images may be the first of many to come prior to Daredevil's return, as there's still plenty of elements and characters that have yet to be explored. The marketing has been completely centered around Daredevil and the religious themes of the character and this season. As the release rapidly approaches, expect even more looks and teases for the new season.

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Daredevil season 3 releases on Netflix on October 19.

Source: EW

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