Daredevil Season 3 NYCC Poster Highlights Matt Murdock & Kingpin

Daredevil Season Three Charlie Cox

Kingpin and Matt Murdock stand tall in the new Daredevil season 3 New York Comic Con exclusive poster. There's just three weeks left before the return of Marvel and Netflix's first original series. Premiering back in 2015, the story of Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) trying to take down Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) captured the attention of fans around the world. This dynamic was only briefly seen in season 2 but will once again become the focus of the series for the third season. Ever since Marvel announced the Daredevil season 3 release date, they've been feverishly marketing the return of Daredevil and Kingpin.

Their opposing views were at the core of the latest Daredevil trailer, while the rest of the marketing has keyed in to Matt's darker mindset. He is believed to be dead after battling The Hand in The Defenders, so it can be understandable. The marketing campaign marches on with the release of a NYCC exclusive poster.

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Marvel debuted the new Daredevil season 3 poster as part of their preview for New York Comic Con. The poster comes from artist Paolo Rivera who does a stellar job with the design and colors. There's a stark contrast to Kingpin's white look and Daredevil's return to the black costume. The poster will be available at NYCC during the Daredevil signings, so those in attendance can pick up one and have it signed by the entire season 3 cast.

The release of this poster is just the latest in a constant cycle of new marketing materials being released for Daredevil. There's been posters and several first look images for the new season, and everything continues to back up the early buzz that the third season is great. With the NYCC panel and actual release date nearing, it should be expected that Marvel and Netflix continue to release more promos as the days wind down.

While this poster will only be available to those at NYCC, fans around the world will be clued in to the rest of the Marvel news that comes from the convention. Marvel's own description for the Daredevil season 3 panel teases "an epic panel full of surprise reveals." This could be their opportunity to confirm Wilson Bethel is playing Bullseye, which has long been expected but never confirmed. They may also very well debut the first episode of the season to attendees. Plus, with Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb moderating once again, he could always drop breaking news about other Marvel/Netflix series. Even if none of the other surprises manifest, at least they're delivering high-quality marketing in the meantime.

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Daredevil season 3 releases on Netflix on October 19.

Source: Marvel

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