Daredevil's Attitude Toward God & His Costume Is Completely Different In Season 3

Charlie Cox talks about Matt's changed perception of God and how this affects his thoughts on being the Devil of Hell's Kitchen in Daredevil season 3.

Charlie Cox talks about Matt's brand new religious outlook following the recent events in his life and how this will affect how he operates as his vigilante alter-ego in Daredevil season 3. Last time fans saw the Devil of Hell's Kitchen was during the stinger for The Defenders,where a severely injured Matt was being taken care of by nuns. It's still unclear how Matt ended up in a monastery but the post-credits scene backs up the idea that that the Born Again comic book storyline will be a major narrative inspiration in the upcoming season. In print, Matt is reunited with his mom, Maggie (played by Joanne Whalley in season 3), although fans shouldn't expect that the small screen version of the character will be exactly the same as what she was in the pages of the comic books.

As the rest of the world moves on with their own lives, presuming that Matt is dead, fans have been waiting for months to know what's in store for the character moving forward. How his imminent return to his crime-fighting days will be handled on screen remains to be seen, but Cox teases that viewers will be reunited with a changed Matt Murdock in Daredevil season 3.

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Screen Rant had the opportunity to visit the set of Daredevil season 3 and spoke to Cox, who talked about Matt being "basically dead" at the start of the season. While most would be thankful for surviving the Midland Circle's collapse, Matt is apprehensive about being alive because "he’s convinced he will not be able to continue to operate" as Daredevil given his physical state. Since it was a conscious decision on his part to stay behind and die with Elektra (Elodie Yung), the thought that he survived but is physically incapable of operating as his vigilante alter-ego is understandably degrading to his moral.

This takes a toll on the lawyer-by-day hero resulting in him revisiting his spirituality. Although the character continues to believe in the existence of God, there are some aspects of his faith that changed tremendously and in turn, that's affected how he will be functioning as Daredevil.

"I think that he now, he still believes in God, but he now believes in a punishing God. He sees God as, at times, quite cynical and almost vindictive and hopefully he’ll come back from that, but early on, at least, he’s that angry and he feels that let down and if you’re someone who believes he was given this gift in order to help and then that’s taken away but you’re still alive, it throws everything into question. And then the other attitude that has changed a bit is that I think Matt goes from believing that he was Matt Murdock with this alter-ego of Daredevil to believing that he’s Daredevil with a lie of Matt Murdock. There’s a very subtle shift, but mentally it does some interesting things. It makes him a little bit more reckless, which is quite fun. He’s less concerned with being caught. There’s scenes where I feel like there’s an enjoyment to the recklessness of it all."

While fans will have to wait to see how this shift in Matt's outlook plays out in Daredevil season 3, the teasers for the show definitely lean on this change - most of them featuring Matt embracing the darkness in him and shedding his old persona. This was visualized in the upcoming season's teaser trailer where he ditched his white dress shirt for his original Daredevil all-black ensemble. Another teaser showed him in a confessional talking about his increasing doubts that the court of law can actually serve justice considering it let him down one too many times. With a brand new perspective, it will be interesting how Matt's imminent run-in with his arch-nemesis Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin will play out this time.

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Marvel's Daredevil season 3 begins streaming Friday, October 19 on Netflix.

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