Daredevil Season 3: Wilson Bethel Possibly Confirmed as Bullseye

A new post on Instagram may possibly confirm Wilson Bethel's role as Bullseye in the upcoming third season of Marvel's Daredevil TV series on Netflix.

An Instagram post from a personal trainer appears to have confirmed that Wilson Bethel is playing the part of Bullseye in Daredevil season 3. There have long been rumors that Bullseye would eventually appear in Daredevil, but it seems that the team behind the series have been holding out on introducing the character for some time.

The first season featured a brief tease for the character, with one of Fisk's hired guns carrying an ace playing card in his bag. Attentive fans quickly realized that this was a hint the Marvel Netflix shows would eventually feature Bullseye - that's something of a calling card for the assassin. Bullseye's presence in season 3 was seemingly confirmed in May, when an image of a season 3 swag bag was posted online, which featured a new logo. It didn't take long for actor Wilson Bethel's name to become associated with the character.

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Those reports have apparently been confirmed, albeit from an unlikely source. Arazi Fitness personal trainer Naqam Washington shared an image on his Instagram account, showing him training with Bethel and Daredevil star Charlie Cox. Perhaps unwisely, Washington tagged the post "#Daredevil and #Bullseye."

When Bethel was cast for Daredevil season 3 back in November last year, it was originally reported that he was playing a mystery FBI agent. It was clear that Bethel was playing a key villain, and initial suggestions were that he was actually the MCU's version of the Sin-Eater. But the FBI role increasingly looks to be little more than a cover, with Marvel hiring Bethel for a very different character. Of course, it's entirely possible that Bullseye is himself undercover at the FBI, and uses that role to hunt down Daredevil.

Bullseye is Daredevil's definitive villain in the comics, a dark mirror-image of the Man Without Fear who has tested the superhero's morality like few others. A sociopath assassin-for-hire, he is famed for the precision of his marksmanship. Daredevil's enhanced senses have made him one of the few people who can dodge one of Bullseye's projectiles, and Bullseye bitterly resents that. Over the years, their feud has become a deep, dangerous vendetta, one that has seen Bullseye target Matt's closest friends and family. During the "Shadowland" arc, it was Bullseye's bloodthirsty villainy that pushed Daredevil to breaking point; he finally killed his nemesis. (These are comics, of course, so Bullseye was resurrected within the space of just a few issues.)

It's generally believed that Daredevil season 3 will take loose inspiration from Frank Miller's classic "Born Again" arc. Bullseye didn't appear in that story, but in truth it's no surprise to see Marvel deviate from the source material a little. This is one change to the comics that nobody will mind, of course; viewers have been eager to see the MCU's Daredevil throw down with a new version of Bullseye.

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Daredevil season 3 is due out in late 2018.

Source: Naqam Washington

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