Marvel's Daredevil Season 3 Confirmed For 2018 Premiere On Netflix

Netflix will debut the third season of Daredevil before the end of 2018. A few years back, Netflix launched their corner of the MCU by taking a street-level approach to superheroes. The Hell's Kitchen side of this universe began with Daredevil but has quickly become populated by several other familiar faces from Marvel comics. The first season was a such a success that Netflix quickly moved to get a second season in, all before The Defenders brought the heroes together. By the time that mini-series wrapped up, the foundation had been laid for Daredevil's third season.

It has been known for quite some time that another season of Daredevil was on the way and filming began late last year. Netflix's typical schedule and model led many to believe that the series would return at some point in 2018, but the increased output for Marvel projects brought about reservations of this actually being the case. There's no need to wonder when Daredevil returns anymore.

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Netflix held their Q2 earnings call recently and during the call, their CFO David Wells confirmed Daredevil is returning in 2018. Wells mentions Daredevil along with a few other titles (including Iron Fist) as shows to look out for over the second half of this year. Read his quote courtesy of Seeking Alpha:

I have got the great pleasure of trying to make people very happy and in the short term we’ve got new seasons coming up the second half of this year of Orange Is The New Black, Ozark, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Narcos, the finale of House of Cards, the followup series for Making a Murderer.

Daredevil Season 3 Begins Filming in October

Now that it's confirmed by Netflix that Daredevil will return in 2018, the only question that remains is when exactly it will debut. Netflix won't want to put out two new seasons of their different Marvel shows too close to each other. Iron Fist is returning at the beginning of September, so Daredevil's earliest return may be November. If it isn't released around the same time as The Punisher was last year, then a December release could also be possible.

This isn't just great news for Daredevil, but it further highlights Netflix's commitment to making their Marvel shows. After increasing their output to three shows a year in 2017 with Iron FistThe Punisher, and The Defenders, 2018 will hold new seasons for all of their core four series. Jessica Jones season 2 premiered in March; Luke Cage season 2 premiered in June; Iron Fist debuts next month; and now Daredevil season 3 is confirmed to start streaming before the end of the year. If this becomes the new norm, then new seasons of Daredevil and co. should be expected on a near yearly basis.

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Daredevil season 3 will premiere on Netflix in 2018.

Source: Netflix [via Seeking Alpha]

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