Daredevil is Dead in Marvel's Comics, Too

There won't be another season of Daredevil coming to Netflix, and fans still don't know exactly who's to blame. But we can tell you this: it's Marvel who has decided to effectively 'retire' Daredevil in their comics universe, too.

It's a strange twist of fate that Matt Murdock should become one of Marvel's most controversial and talked about heroes. In the comics, as well as his Netflix show, he's better at coping with trauma and grueling tragedy than most. Still, the news that Netflix's Daredevil is canceled leaves the door open for his adaptation on another platform. But in the comics, Marvel's current "Death of Daredevil" story makes it unclear if Matt Murdock will EVER be the superhero he once was. Needless to say, there will be SPOILERS ahead.

The Death of Daredevil

There's a good chance that back when Daredevil fans were watching Iron Fist & Luke Cage get canceled, and holding out hope for their blind attorney, Marvel Comics was already saying their goodbyes. Beginning with "Death of Daredevil: Part One" in Daredevil #609, writer Charles Soule capped off his run with help from artist Phil Noto. For all of the superhero adventure, political maneuvering, and street-level intrigue Matt Murdock had faced and survived, it wasn't any supervillain that finally killed him. It was Matt's split-second decision to push a teen out of the path of a speeding truck. A truck that then struck him down, landing him in intensive care and clinging to life.

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What transpired over the next few issues seemed like things finally swinging in Matt's favor, making a recovery and allowing him to feel that, for once, Daredevil was actually in a winning battle. A break that was finally revealed to be nothing but an illusion, as Matt realized he was still on the operating table. He fought his way back to life eventually, with Daredevil #612 ending the "Death of Daredevil" story with a single, determined blip on his heart monitor. But the man who woke up was definitely not the one who had been hit.

Matt Murdock Survived... But Not Daredevil

While the "Death of Daredevil" storyline concluded Soule's run at Issue #612, the question of Matt Murdock's recovery was still left hanging. Thankfully, Marvel has followed up the series with Man Without Fear from Jed Mackay, confirming just how much damage was done by the truck that put him into critical condition. Along with the lifetime spent fighting crime, which made sure that once he finally broke... he would shatter.

It's Matt's trusted friend Foggy Nelson who informs him that the countless broken bones, crushed limbs, bullet wounds, stabbings, and every other injury he pushed through as Daredevil has finally added up. With a speeding truck breaking him "from tip to toes," there wasn't enough for any doctor to put back together into the man he used to be. Or into the superhero he used to be, either. Because there's no chance that Matt Murdock can be Daredevil if he can't get out of a wheelchair first.

Still, the fans know this isn't the end for the superhero. But make no mistake: the new Daredevil comic will relaunch this February, but it won't star the same Matt Murdock fans know best.

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