David Slade: Official 'Daredevil' Announcement Next Week

David Slade confirms Daredevil reboot official announcement

It's nearly been a year and a half since reports indicated that Twentieth Century Fox was moving ahead with a reboot of Daredevil to make up for the failed attempt to launch another Marvel superhero franchise with Ben Affleck starring in the titular role. A few months ago, David Slade (30 Days of Night, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse) was chosen to direct the new Daredevil adaptation, with the goal of bringing a more serious take on the character of Matt Murdock.

Since that time, a few rumors surfaced regarding which comic book stories the film's plot may draw from and of course, potential candidates of interest to play the fearless hero (Robert Pattinson & Garrett Hedlund). Now comes word from Slade himself, that an official announcement for the Daredevil reboot is incoming.

David Slade went on an anti-rumor rampage on Twitter last night, clarifying speculation and non-truths about such projects as Justice League, The Shadow and what we're interested in: Daredevil.

After explaining that there's no truth at all to a film adaptation of The Shadow and that he was never hired to work on the last attempt at a Justice League movie (pre-George Miller), Slade did say that Daredevil is still ongoing and that we'll be hearing some news on it very soon!

"Daredevil is ongoing, official news will break next week.. Can't say more."

Since the obligatory onslaught of casting rumors isn't something we've experienced yet for the Daredevil reboot, at least, relative to other comic book films, the news is unlikely a casting announcement but perhaps an official release date alongside a listing of who's involved with pre-production, writing, producing and directing.

That being said, Fox is clearly timing this announcement with the growing excitement and positive buzz surrounding the theatrical release of X-Men: First Class (also a (quasi)reboot of sorts) this Friday and maybe they will drop a major revelation.

Who would you like to see play Matt Murdock? Of the rumored candidates, Pattinson has experience working with Slade and I wouldn't be surprised of Josh Hartnett is also a contender, having worked with the director on 30 Days of Night as well.


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Header image edited from covert art by Lee Bermejo for Daredevil #92 (2006).

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