Daredevil Reboot Confirmed

daredevil reboot

Back in 2008, Frank Miller and Jason Statham demonstrated their interest in a Daredevil reboot and Tom Rothman, head of Fox, made it clear that the reboot was definitely something the high-ups were interesting in getting to work on.

To no surprise, Mike Fleming just picked up the exclusive that Daredevil is now definitely being rebooted. Regency will be handling the remake for distributor Fox and David Scarpa will be writing the script.

From Fleming's report:

Regency is mounting the remake with former News Corp No. 2 Peter Chernin producing. Writing the redo is screenwriter David Scarpa, who scripted The Day The Earth Stood Still for Fox.

I'm not excited for this movie and I have low expectations for it. Not only was the first Daredevil not a well-received movie (the director's cut was better if you're a fan), but the reboot is only happening so Fox can maintain the film rights to the character. See, by contractural stipulation, if Fox doesn't put the movie into production, the license to the Daredevil property would revert back to Marvel (and Disney would love that).

Another reason I'm not excited is the fact that David Scarpa is penning the script and he wrote The Day the Earth Stood Still, a movie that in my mind, is a contender for worst film of 2008.

Some other rumors that popped up over the last year were from Xavier Gens (Hitman) saying he would definitely like to direct the next Daredevil and of course, there was the report of Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, 24) going to a comic shop to pick up any books featuring the character Typhoid Mary.

Now that we know the remake is coming, the next stage is the out-of-control rumors and speculation, so why not start now; Who should play the title character of Matt Murdock, replacing Ben Affleck?

More details as we hear them, at Screen Rant.

Source: Deadline

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