16Neighborhood Bullies Tormented Him

Daredevil Battlin Jack Murdock Issue 2

Despite growing up around a boxer, Matt didn’t initially defend himself against other boys in the neighborhood. It was also through those boys that he learned of his father’s law-breaking work.

In fact, one of the boys he knew beat him up for the

actions of his father. Jack had acted as the enforcer for the Fixer, intimidating the boy’s father and embarrassing him in front of his family. In retaliation, the boy cornered Matt and beat him up, revealing Jack’s criminal activity.

Matt didn’t fight back, but told his father about the incident, and Jack made him promise not to fight, that he wanted a better life for Matt. When Matt eventually went out and beat up the same boy, Jack hit his son to teach him that no matter how good of a fighter you are, there’s always someone better than you, causing Matt to back down in the future. Teaching his son valuable lessons through child abuse -- classic dad of the year behavior.

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