'Daredevil' Motion Poster: Hell's Kitchen Needs to Die

Marvel Studios and Netflix have both enjoyed a meteoric rise in success over the past decade, with the former coming to dominate the yearly blockbuster release schedule and the latter becoming a legitimate rival for traditional home entertainment like cable TV. With Marvel expanding its cinematic universe into the TV sphere, it only seemed natural that the two forces should team up to work on a new slate of Netflix original programming featuring Marvel characters.

First up is Daredevil, which stars Charlie Cox (Stardust) as blind attorney Matt Murdock, who fights for justice in the courts during the day and delivers it on the streets at night. Matt believes that he is helping to save Hell's Kitchen, and so does crime boss Wilson Fisk A.K.A. Kingpin. The two characters' approaches to community spirit are quite different, however.

Netflix has just released another motion poster for Daredevil, though since it's over half a minute long and features dialogue it feels like the definition of "poster" is being stretched. Matt Murdock is front and center (to enjoy an extra bit of detail, check out his reflection in the puddles) and around him are the rest of the cast, including Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Elden Henson as Matt's law partner, Foggy Nelson, and Vincent D'Onofrio as Fisk.

"Whether you’re into that kind of thing or not, it is definitely a Netflix series," D'Onofrio told Collider in a recent interview, adding that the series is more like "a 13-hour film" than a TV show. The actor has previously explained that, as the motion poster indicates, Wilson Fisk considers himself to be a kind of hero for Hell's Kitchen - and more than a few of its residents are inclined to agree with him. Whether they'll have the same kind of love for the weirdo in the black outfit who beats up criminals in alleyways at night remains to be seen.

D'Onofrio admitted that he was at first reluctant to take the role of Kingpin, but after reading through the scripts for Daredevil and meeting with showrunner Steven S. DeKnight and Marvel Head of Television Jeph Loeb he was "convinced that it would be OK to do." He also said that he feels "very proud" of the end result, and that people might be surprised by the depth of feeling in the show.

"Emotionally, it goes places that I don’t think anybody is going to expect. Unlike the movies, except for maybe what [Robert] Downey does with Iron Man because there’s a lot of emotional stuff with that, this gets truly deep. Everybody’s motivation comes from the core of who they are. There’s not one false moment in the whole thing. They all have very deeply thought-out, emotional lives that drive these people."

The real challenge, of course, will be making the emotional core of the characters not only convincing but interesting for the audience. The most recent trailer for Daredevil teased scenes from Matt's childhood and the troubled story of his father, Jonathan "Battlin' Jack" Murdock (John Patrick Hayden), but what lies at the heart of Wilson Fisk's plan to save Hell's Kitchen by first destroying it?

Daredevil season one will be available in its entirety on Netflix from April 10th, 2015.

Source: Collider

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'Daredevil' Motion Poster: Hell's Kitchen Needs to Die