'Daredevil' Easter Eggs, Trivia & Comic References


Melvin Potter

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Melvin Potter

When Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'Onofrio) has his suit sliced open by a Russian blade, he informs his top lieutenant to arrange for "Mr. Potter" to make him another. The reference is paid off later in the series, revealing the man to be Melvin Potter, a tailor responsible for some of the more eccentric uniforms seen in Hell's Kitchen's criminal underworld (including his own).


Kingpin's Style

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Kingpin White Suit Ascot

When Vanessa (Ayalet Zurer) informs Fisk of a previous suitor, she mockingly notes his "white suit and ascot," which Fisk similarly notes as an odd choice. The lines are a wink to the fans, since a white suit and ascot have been staples of Kingpin's wardrobe for decades.


Officer Lee?

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Stan Lee Cameo

No Marvel project is complete without a cameo from Stan Lee, and the Daredevil set decorators outdid themselves, with a cameo that most viewers are guaranteed to miss. When Matt heads to a police station to investigate a crooked condo developer, a photo honoring a police officer can be seen hanging on the back wall that is undoubtedly a shot of the comic legend.


Asano Robotics?

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Steel Samurai Asano

Viewers were likely too preoccupied with the sudden arrival of Matt's Mentor Stick (Scott Glenn) to take note of the shipping container bringing "Black Sky" to shore. But those able to read Japanese characters will immediately read the label as 'Asano Robotics.' Though that may not have much of a connection to the boy contained within, the name is a reference to Yoshida Asano and the robotic technology that help him become "Iron Man" villain Samurai Steel.


"The Greek Girl"


Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Elektra

When Foggy makes mention of "the Greek girl" in Matt's past, it's sure to conjure up some memories that movie fans may wish to leave forgotten. The woman being referred to is almost certainly Elektra Natchios, portrayed by Jennifer Garner in Daredevil (2003) and her own spinoff film, but left out of the Netflix series (for now).


The Hand

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg The Hand Ninjas

It was comic writer Frank Miller who first revealed just how many ninjas there were operating out of Hell's Kitchen, and the plot thread is just one of several introduced by Miller now adapted to live-action. Though the real organization, mission, and leaders of The Hand are likely to be revealed in the future, there are more than enough signs of what's to come for even casual viewers to enjoy.


Sticks and Stones

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Stone

When Stick reports in to an unknown man, it's a safe bet even newcomers to the franchise could tell some larger forces and players were being hinted at. The character has been reported to be 'Stone,' with actor Jasson Finney portraying the other pupil of Stick's. However, in this version, it seems their relationship has been turned on its head, with the martial arts master giving Stick the orders.



Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Gladiator Stilt Man

The tease of Melvin Potter is eventually paid off when his workshop is shown to include more than one nod to Marvel Comics villains. The strangest inclusion is villain 'Stilt-Man's signature legs, but there is also more than one reference to Potter's future alter-ego, 'Gladiator' (we're looking at those buzzsaw arm designs). Potter is also played by Matt Gerald, who previously appeared in the Marvel one-shot All Hail The King as 'White Power Dave.'


A Familiar Sketch

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Newspaper Art

New Yorkers get to see the name and likeness of Matt Murdock's vigilante when the Bulletin publishes a front page story about the mysterious Daredevil. The image may jump out to veteran comic readers, as a clear homage to artist Alex Maleev's cover for "Daredevil" Volume 2, #60.



Marvel's Daredevil with Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock

Those are all the Easter eggs, bits of comic book trivia, and subtle references we've noticed so far, aside from the explicit reference to Avengers and the larger Marvel universe. Be sure to tell us which ones we missed, and we'll add them to the list.


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