'Daredevil' Easter Eggs, Trivia & Comic References


Fogwell's Gym

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Fogwells Gym

When his day of legal action is done, Matt Murdock heads to Fogwell's Gym to hone his boxing skills in privacy (and darkness). The gym being featured so prominently (both with Matt and his father) is no coincidence, being introduced in the very first "Daredevil" comic as the location where "a story different from any you have ever read before" first began.


Night Nurse

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Night Nurse

Matt Murdock has Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) to thank for his life, putting her medical knowledge to use in patching him up when his nocturnal exploits go amiss. Though a character from Marvel Comics - appearing as medic and girlfriend to Luke Cage - it seems that this incarnation of Claire has been blended with the comics' 'Night Nurse' a.k.a. Linda Carter. Stitching up superheroes and vigilantes ended up being a full-time job, with Night Nurse even playing a role in "Civil War."


Call Me "Mike"

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Mike Murdock

To keep Claire from learning too much, it's agreed upon for her to refer to Matt as simply "Mike." It's too practical to be an explicit nod to the comics, however, Mike Murdock is a character too strange to forget. When Matt decided he needed to let off some steam, he donned a disguise and the role of Mike Murdock, Matt's twin brother. Thankfully, the show casts off the alias even faster than the comics did.



Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Josies Bar

There are plenty of dive bars and pubs to be found in Hell's Kitchen, but when Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson) and Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) set out on their bar-hopping evening, it's no surprise they wind up at Josie's. The bar has been featured in several comics, usually tied to Daredevil and his supporting cast.


St. Agnes Orphanage

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg St Agnes Skye

It is eventually revealed that following Jack Murdock's death, Matt winds up being cared for at St. Agnes' Orphanage. The name will again sound familiar to the Marvel die-hards, as St. Agnes' is also where Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Skye (a.k.a. Daisy Johnson) was raised once classified as an '0-8-4.'


Van Lunt Real Estate

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Van Lunt Real Estate

In a Marvel Universe project it's safe to assume that any name featured prominently is a subtle reference to an existing comic creation. Such is the case with the former owner of Matt and Foggy's offices, as the lettering for "Van Lunt Real Estate Co." can clearly be seen beneath their paper plaque - a nod to supervillain Cornelius Van Lunt, who would transform from real estate magnate to a costumed villain, 'Taurus'.


Atlas Investments

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Atlas Comics

With a villainous tease on their own office door, the space across the hall from the budding law practice features a far friendlier easter egg. The name and logo of Atlas Investments is a throwback to Atlas Comics, the company that would eventually evolve into Marvel Comics.


Ben Urich

Daredevil Netflix Easter Egg Ben Urich

Ben Urich was made famous as an investigative reporter in the comic pages, and has his sterling instincts and journalistic integrity adopted for Daredevil, with actor Vondie Curtis-Hall in the role. Unfortunately, the series had to make some changes to his character: with The Daily Bugle now the resident newspaper of Sony's Spider-Man universe, Urich is now an employee of The New York Bulletin.


Spidey's Garden

Daredevil Easter Egg Spider-Man Rooftop Garden

When Fisk and Madam Gao meet to discuss the former's conflicts of the heart, they do so in a nearly impossible location: a lush, calm garden in the heart of Manhattan. The garden had previously been featured in another Marvel blockbuster, when Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) stumbled upon it in the first Spider-Man (2002). It's located atop the British Empire Building in Rockefeller Center.


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