Daredevil: 10 Questions That Will Never Get Answered Now That It's Cancelled

From Kingpin's promise to Karen's career, here are some loose ends from the Daredevil Netflix series we'll never get our closure on.

While some of the Marvel Netflix series had a warning about their impending cancellation, Daredevil was one of the shows that got completely blindsided by the news. The writing team was already working towards their next season, and it’s clear that they had a lot of plans for moving forward.

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All those plans will never be seen, though, and all of the questions fans had about the series will never be answered. Assuming that the series doesn’t get picked back up in a year or two, that is, but it’s probably best that we not rest all our hopes on that. Here are ten of the top questions we wish had been answered about the show.Obviously, there are going to be spoilers for Daredevil Season 3 here.

10 Would Spider-Man and Daredevil Ever Have Met Up?

Okay, so this first one probably wouldn't have been likely, no matter what. After all, the MCU has worked hard at keeping a line between itself and all of the Marvel TV series. But in the comics, all of the heroes that lived in New York – and let's face it, there are a lot of them – tended to bump into each other frequently. Especially Spider-Man and Daredevil.

Heck, they even shared the same villain from time to time (Wilson Fisk). So, we have to wonder, was there ever any chance that these two would have met up? We'd have even settled for some subtle references towards it.

9 Which Career Would Karen Have Run With?

The end of Daredevil Season 3 left Karen with a series of choices. And no matter how you may feel about her and the decisions she has made, you've got to admit that it would be interesting to see what she would have done. Would she have stuck with her career in journalism? She's talented at digging up information. Unfortunately, she's also quite talented at putting herself in danger.

Perhaps she could do more good if she came back to the fold. If she took up with Matt and Foggy, she could help gather intel in their cases. We've already seen this happening for other legal firms, such as Hogarth and her associates. So there's even precedent for it.

8 Will the Newly Reformed Legal Team Work Out?

Matt and Foggy in the pilot episode

Speaking of Matt and Foggy, how would their newly formed legal team have worked out? They've had a troubled past, but they also make a brilliant team. Foggy is bright, dependable, and knows his way around the legal world. Matt is driven, determined, and a human lie detector. Their success might depend on their friendship, but we'd like to see both work out, in this instance.

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Foggy having a decent amount of money saved from his job during the past season certainly wouldn't hurt things either. Especially if they want to go back to helping those that need it the most – meaning those who can't afford to pay for it.

7 What Path Would Bullseye Have Taken?

Right away, fans spotted the connections between Dex and Bullesye. And the end of Season 3 basically confirmed this. However, Dex has a long way to go before he becomes the Bullseye so many fans know and love. By all appearances, he was on the path towards becoming the fascinating villain we've been looking forward to seeing.

But we don't actually know how the Netflix series would have progressed his character. Would they have dropped him off, like they did with other Daredevil antagonists? Or would they have kept pushing him forward, and if so, how?

6 Would Fisk Ever Have Managed to Get Dex Back Under Control?

While we're talking about Dex – what are the odds that Fisk could have gotten him back under control? It didn't seem likely at the end of Season 3. However, in the comics, it was fairly common to see Bullseye working for Fisk, so it has left us wondering.

If Fisk was able to regain control of the situation, what would the cost be? What would Fisk have had to do, in order to gain Dex's loyalty once again? It'd have to be something major, in order to make up for the actions he's taken.

5 Would Fisk Have Gone After Karen?

In the course of the third season of Daredevil, Karen let her anger towards Fisk get a little bit out of control. She took risks that she probably shouldn't have, including confessing what she did to Wesley.

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Wesley was one of the few people that Fisk felt truly attached to, and his loss was clearly felt by the character. Admitting that she killed him was like painting a giant bullseye on her back (no pun intended). Even if Fisk keeps his deal with Daredevil, it's hard to believe that he'll just let things go.

4 Could Fisk Be Trusted With His Promise?

Speaking of Fisk and his promise, what are the odds that he'd keep it? The deal stated that he'd go to prison – and stay there like a good boy. In exchange, Daredevil would make sure that Vanessa stayed in the clear for all the crimes she committed (which had accumulated during the season).

Obviously, that deal entirely depends on Vanessa staying safe. If she was injured or killed, we imagine the deal would have quickly gone south. And there is at least one character out there that might want her hurt, as a way of enacting revenge.

3 What About Elektra?

We haven't seen Elektra since the conclusion of The Defenders. And we just can't help but wonder what has happened to her. There's no way she's dead. Even if she did die during the course of events there, we know that the Hand wouldn't have kept her that way. Not if they had anything to say about it, at least (and they always find a way).

So, what exactly has Elektra been up to? Would we have ever seen her make an appearance, or would her lack of planned appearances mean that she was truly dead? We'll never know.

2 Would the Defenders Have Come Back Together?

Jessica Jones Season 3 Ending Defenders

The Defenders may have only lasted one season – but that was sort of planned that way. Still, we have to wonder if there ever would have been a second season for the series. Especially if all of the characters were able to continue their respective plots.

The Defenders are a team that always seem to be coming back together, again and again. And let's not forget that Matt can support his teammates with his mild-mannered alter-ego as well. He is, after all, an excellent lawyer and wouldn't be opposed to supporting superheroes/vigilantes.

1 Would Fisk Have Continued With His Ambitions?

Wilson Fisk is one of those characters that you just can't keep down. Even if he kept to his deal – which doesn't seem likely – he would have found some way around it. So, we have to wonder. What would his plan have been next?

In the comics, it isn't unheard of for Fisk to become Mayor. With so much control over the city, it takes him almost no effort to get what he wants. All he needs is to create a legitimate appearance, something he is very talented at. It would have been interesting to see this version of Fisk make an appearance in the Netflix series. But now we'll never know if that would have happened.

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