'Daredevil' First Review & TV Spot #2: The Costume 'Sucks'

Daredevil Netflix Logo

Marvel Studios and Netflix join forces to kick-off a new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting in just a few days with the premiere of Daredevil season 1 on the streaming service. After this series we will get AKA Jessica Jones in fall 2015, Luke Cage in 2016, with Iron Fist presumably to follow later that same year. This is all building up to Netflix having the four heroes team-up for an event called The Defenders.

The full trailer for Daredevil set the series apart from most other comic book TV series (save, perhaps, Arrow), with a dark and brooding aesthetic that looks like Frank Miller's '80s - 90s take on the character brought life in the modern world. But while the first Daredevil TV spot was wholly focused on the 'one man becomes a hero,' angle of the show, this new TV spot is already starting to build that Marvel-brand shared universe connection, by going with the Captain America-style tagline slogan, "The First Defender".


Daredevil TV Spot #2:

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