Marvel Studios and Netflix join forces to kick-off a new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting in just a few days with the premiere of Daredevil season 1 on the streaming service. After this series we will get AKA Jessica Jones in fall 2015, Luke Cage in 2016, with Iron Fist presumably to follow later that same year. This is all building up to Netflix having the four heroes team-up for an event called The Defenders.

The full trailer for Daredevil set the series apart from most other comic book TV series (save, perhaps, Arrow), with a dark and brooding aesthetic that looks like Frank Miller’s ’80s – 90s take on the character brought life in the modern world. But while the first Daredevil TV spot was wholly focused on the ‘one man becomes a hero,’ angle of the show, this new TV spot is already starting to build that Marvel-brand shared universe connection, by going with the Captain America-style tagline slogan, “The First Defender”.

Daredevil TV Spot #2:

Dark, brooding, action-heavy previews don’t automatically mean the series will be totally devoid of humor. As this new TV Spot clearly goes out of its way to show, there will be humor at play, with moments like Claire Temple’s (Rosario Dawson) costume commentary, or that criminal commenting on Daredevil’s lack of super powers, all providing the sort of winking smirks that Marvel fans in particular will appreciate.

While the first Daredevil TV spot was wholly focused on the ‘one man becomes a hero,’ angle of the show, this new TV spot is already starting to build that Marvel-brand shared universe connection. What hardcore Marvel fan would miss the Captain America-style spin of a tagline slogan like “The First Defender”?

First Review

Daredevil Daredevil First Review & TV Spot #2: The Costume Sucks

Eric Eisenberg of Cinema Blend got access to the first 5 episodes of Daredevil, and had the following to offer about the show:

In advance of Daredevil’s first season release on Netflix next week – 13 episodes going live on April 10th – I had the recent opportunity to take in the first five episodes of the series, and was blown away with what it had to offer to both fans and the broader spectrum of the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe. Really more serial crime drama than superhero show, the Steven DeKnight-run program is a tour through the darkest streets of Hell’s Kitchen in New York, and the painful-yet-fascinating tale of a blind lawyer who seeks justice by any means necessary with the power of exceptionally powerful senses. Armed with a cadre of awesome performances and intensely tight arcs that constantly build on the compounding narrative, it’s intense, beautiful, and feels surprisingly fresh.

That’s just one review – but it pretty much encapsulates what fans have been hoping for in a best-case scenario, and seems like a WIN-WIN-WIN for Marvel, Netflix and the fans. Here are the bright points of the review (Read it in full HERE):

  • It’s a darker, rougher, edgier corner of the MCU.
  • The format allows for deeper exploration and development of the character.
  • The quality cast members bring the characters to proper life.
  • It’s more of a crime drama with superhero elements than a “superhero TV show.”

Netflix Daredevil TV Show 620x350 Daredevil First Review & TV Spot #2: The Costume Sucks

Since the action scenes previewed in trailers, TV spots – and in longer form at NYCC 2014 – all seemed to deliver some well-choreographed martial arts/street fight combat sequences, there’s no reason to believe that the series won’t deliver on that front, either.

Daredevil looks like it will not only allow Marvel to reap the benefits of the “Binge Watch” streaming format – it will also break the world of street-level heroes, and the street-level threats they face (threats perhaps too small for Avengers or S.H.I.E.L.D.), wide open. And Marvel comics has plenty of gangland sagas in its vault (The Kingpin, The Hood) that could make the entire Defenders initiative both worthwhile, and on par with the “bigger” elements of the MCU.

marvel netflix tv shows release schedule Daredevil First Review & TV Spot #2: The Costume Sucks

The Defenders

Netflix also continues to achieve its vision of becoming THE hub for year-round original programming. The last few months alone brought House of Cards and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, with Daredevil up next and Orange is the New Black set to follow in the summer. That’s not even mentioning less popular shows like Bloodline or Marco Polo, which are also in play. Netflix is definitely staking its claim right now.

Daredevil Netflix Motion Poster 620x350 Daredevil First Review & TV Spot #2: The Costume Sucks

Daredevil will be available for viewing on Netflix starting April 10th, 2015. A.K.A. Jessica Jones will debut later in 2015, followed by Luke Cage in 2016, and Iron Fist (most likely) in the second half of 2016. The Defenders will presumably come sometime after that.

Source: Twitter & Cinema Blend

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