Marvel fans have a lot of reasons to be excited about the future (near and far) of their favorite shared cinematic universe. New heroes, deepining sagas, and even bigger game-changing crossover events on the horizon… The MCU is about blow open wide.

Things are certainly not slouching on the Marvel TV side, either: In addition to a much-improved sophomore season for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we’ll see a fan-favorite character return in her own period series (Agent Carter), while the streets of modern MCU start getting crowded thanks to Marvel’s Netflix universe, which begins with Daredevil in 2015.

The Daredevil Netflix series is currently shooting in and around Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn NYC (according to DNA Info), and from what we’ve heard so far (NYCC Panel) or seen for ourselves, (first promo images) this show will take its time carefully building the story of how blind lawyer Matt Murdock (Boardwalk Empire‘s Charlie Cox) becomes the punishing vigilante known as Daredevil.

Showrunner Steven DeKnight took Halloween 2014 as an opportunity to answer fan questions about Daredevil via a (now customary) Twitter Q&A. Here’s a quick breakdown of what he had to say, followed by a few of the actual Tweets in his own words:

  • No official release date yet.
  • Daredevil nemesis Bullseye won’t likely appear in season 1.
  • No one is yet revealing if the classic red costume will be seen (right now it’s the ninja-esque starter costume from the “Man Without Fear” comic storyline).
  • We will see plenty of Easter eggs and references to comic book lore (and presumably the larger MCU).
  • It won’t be a Hard-R or NC-17 series (like DeKnight’s work on Spartacus) but will be more gritty and violent than say, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s network TV standards.

So far it seems that a lot of fans are anxious about whether or not the series will deliver a traditional version of Daredevil they know and love; but as recently pointed out in our Daredevil discussion on the SR Underground podcast, fans need to relax and remember that this is a Netflix series, not a film.

In a film, yes, the movement from Matt Murdock’s superhero origin to full-fledged Daredevil would need to be a lot quicker to fit into a three-act, two-hour arc. However, in a Netflix series, we can get to know the character and his story and world much better as we gradually build toward the full realization of Daredevil as a crime-fighter.

Daredevil Kills Bullseye New Daredevil Details Reveal No Bullseye or Release Date, PG 16 Tone

“Maybe in Season 2, Pal.”

It will bug some fans to hear that Bullseye is unlikely to show up; to be fair, including the character could push things too close to the 2003 Daredevil movie with Ben Affleck, something the showrunners (and Marvel Studios) are likely trying to do quite the opposite of.

In a longer format of storytelling can also get to know Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) instead of a cartoonishly nefarious Kingpin character – as well as making actual characters (instead of narrative devices) out supporting players like Daredevil mentor Stick (Scott Glenn), Murdock’s legal partner Foggy (Elden Henson) and love interests like Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll). With casting going how it is, that deeper character development should be well worth investing in.

By now fans should know how Marvel likes to tease and tantalize and make us wait for those ecstatic geek payoffs (like full costume reveals) – so take the ride! Hasn’t it paid off in some pretty enjoyable and/or epic experiences thus far?

Avengers 2 Trailer

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is currently airing season 2 Tuesdays @9pm on ABC; the Agent Carter miniseries begins in January 2015; Daredevil is expected sometime later in 2015 with a full season release, followed by other Netflix series Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Power Man in the future.

Sources: Twitter & DNA Info

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