'Daredevil's Charlie Cox Has 'Heard Nothing' About Joining 'Avengers' On Film

Daredevil Joining Avengers Movie Universe

It's safe to say that Marvel's first foray into the realm of original Netflix programming, Daredevil, is yet another success for the studio. After debuting on April 10, the 13-episode season has generated a strong critical and fan response, paving the way for a Defenders team-up down the line and a second season for the Man Without Fear for 2016.

One aspect of Daredevil that audiences responded to was how it naturally referenced events from the established Marvel Cinematic Universe (without coming across as a forced nod to fans). Of course, subtle only gets you so far - and many are wondering if they'll ever see Matt Murdock cross paths with the likes of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Though the rumor mill is indicating that the whole Marvel gang will get together in the second half of Infinity War, it appears that's all speculation for now.

While speaking with ColliderDaredevil star Charlie Cox was asked about the possibility that his character would show up in one of the many films Marvel has planned, particularly with the increased emphasis on a universe-wide conflict in Civil War. According to the actor, nothing's in the cards for Murdock to take part in the Avengers Initiative yet:

"I've heard nothing. I would love nothing more than to be included in that group, but I've heard nothing and I would hate to presume."

Since we are talking about Marvel here, one would be justified in believing that Cox is simply being coy with his response. It's no secret that the studio has made a name for planning five steps ahead, leaving multiple options as they plot out their massive multi-platform shared universe.

With the Netflix shows opening up a new corner of the world, it's plausible to assume that the creative team has at least tossed around the notion of Daredevil joining forces with Earth's Mightiest, and Kevin Feige has confirmed as much already.

Netflix Daredevil red suit image

When we spoke with Feige ourselves, he indicated there was no rush to bring the two properties together. For now, the focus is establishing the various Defenders shows on Netflix so that they can stand on their own merits. Slow and steady may be the way to go, but if Marvel has had discussions about where certain people can fit in down the line, could Cox really be shifted to the big screen?

That discussion instantly brings up the notion of a Daredevil/Spider-Man partnership with Spider-Man. While several fans are understandably excited to see Peter Parker square off against a member of the Avengers, the Web Head has teamed up with Murdock in the comics on more than one occasion. Admittedly, those stories tended to be a little darker than some may prefer, but the idea of the two protectors of New York joining forces would be hard for viewers to pass up - should the narrative warrant such a team-up. It may be some time before such a team up could take place, but there's serious comic precedent for it.

Though Cox is claiming he's heard nothing about appearances in the films, we would expect that he'd be brought into that realm in some capacity down the line. Marvel is known for #ItsAllConnected, so it's unlikely that the Defenders facet remains mainly standalone for its entire run. As rumors continue to swirl about the state of the Avengers roster in the post-Age of Ultron world and more and more characters being introduced (to much acclaim even), it would seem like a missed opportunity if crossovers didn't happen.

After all, Thanos is going to unleash all sorts of hell on Earth - it makes sense for as many heroes as possible to unite against him.

Daredevil is now available exclusively on Netflix.

Source: Collider

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