Daredevil is Marvel's Next Heimdall (Yes, Seriously)

Daredevil may be blind, but he's getting more than his sight back thanks to Thor. As the next replacement for Heimdall, the watchman of Asgard, Matt Murdock is about to see ALL of the Marvel Universe at once.

The news will be tough for fans of the recently-canceled Daredevil series to process, since the idea of seeing Daredevil and Thor actually join the same team has been a pipe dream. But as the Daredevil of TV falls, the version in Marvel Comics is getting a cosmic promotion. And as the next wielder of Heimdall's sword and sight, Daredevil isn't the only Defender getting an Asgardian upgrade.

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Marvel Comics has been teasing the WAR OF THE REALMS for months, even years, as the ultimate endgame for writer Jason Aaron's run on the current Thor comics. And now that the first official artwork for the event has been released by Marvel, fans can see how epic the universe-wide war will become. Too big for Thor to tackle alone, apparently, since he'll be calling in his Avengers friends to fight at his side. For all of the heroes, that will mean access to an Asgardian arsenal.

For Daredevil, it means more power than any hero with sight could probably handle. Take a look:

In case readers are only familiar with the Marvel movies' version of Heimdall, portrayed by actor Idris Elba, we will have to point out that Daredevil's depiction here - massive greatsword in hand, glowing eyes, and skin dappled with the fabric of the universe - is the exact same way the comic book Heimdall is drawn. Blessed with the ability to bear witness to all of the cosmos, at all times, the idea is conveyed by making the infinite expanse of the stars visible through his physical form.

A feature Daredevil will adopt in the event, along with what must be Heimdall's iconic, Bifrost-operating sword. While the passing of the role from Asgardian to New Yorker may not make obvious sense, there is the one thing that the two heroes have in common. The Marvel movies have only vaguely alluded to the fact that Heimdall doesn't actually have eyes, having forsaken biological sight for a different, more specialized version of visual awareness. That's something Daredevil would understand more than most, having gained the ability to see his world better than any other hero only after losing his eyesight.

Unfortunately, fans will be quick to recall Heimdall's death in a colossal war of a different sort in The Avengers 3. And therefore are likely to assume that the same heartbreak will be at work in the comics. We'll leave that potentially tragic passing of Heimdall's sight and sword to Matt Murdock for the comics to show, or surprise. For now, Daredevil getting a promotion as the new Heimdall, sentry of Asgard is just one more reason to get excited for the collision of Marvel's heroes and the coming WAR OF THE REALMS.

Marvel's WAR OF THE REALMS will begin in April of 2019.

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