20 Things About Daredevil That Make No Sense

Out of all of Netflix's Marvel series, Daredevil is the one that stands the tallest. It started it all, so it's only fitting that it's also the best of the lot. Whereas Luke Cage and Iron Fist were canceled in recent weeks, there would be immense outrage if the same thing happened to Matt Murdock's Man Without Fear.

Part of the show's success is due to its portrayal of both Matt and Daredevil. Speaking to MSN, the series' star, Charlie Cox, discussed the duality of his role. "Not in a schizophrenic way, but I do think of them as slightly different people. We all behave differently depending on what company we're with. We're different with friends in a pub versus in our boss's office. I think of Daredevil in a similar way. When he puts on that suit and goes out at night to engage in vigilante justice, he's metaphorically and literally putting on a mask. He has to access a different part of himself and his psyche to do it," he said.

In addition, Daredevil managed to bridge the gap between comic book fantasy and gritty realism. The show understands exactly what it wants to be and is unapologetic about its representation of the mythology. That isn't to say that everything is logical all the time, though. In fact, there are a few things about the Devil of Hell's Kitchen and his world that'll make you scratch your head.

With that said, here are the 20 Things About Daredevil That Make No Sense.

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20 Elektra Is A Zombie

Look, we get it. The loss of Elektra hit Matt hard. She meant a lot to him and people grieve in different and unusual ways. However, her resurrection in The Defenders proves one thing: she was a zombie.

More worrisome, however, is the fact that Matt was okay with it and even planted a wet one on her.

Now, we're not sure if The Walking Dead exists in this world, but there have been numerous warnings about zombies and the inevitable apocalypse over the past few decades. Matt seemed to be fine with her reappearance, never questioning if she'd eat his brains or try to snack on his limbs. Mind you, he is the Man Without Fear, but zombies? Yikes. We'd want none of that.

19 The Disposal Of Broken Helmets And Costumes

Whether Matt's wearing the black or red costume, his suits and horned helmets don't last all that long in Hell's Kitchen. Of course, as we know, it's Melvin Potter who tailors the gorgeous crimson costume, but what does Matt do with all of his damaged gear? Does he really just throw it in a rubbish bin and say sayonara?

If he does, it's a huge risk. Everyone knows that people go through your trash – even if it's illegal – so you need to careful of what you dispose of. Furthermore, it would be the first place the FBI would check if Matt was in any kind of trouble; thus, exposing his vigilante activities to the world.

18 Matt Breaks The Oath Every Day

Sure, not everyone has a job that they love. More often than not, it's a means to an end and has nothing to do with passion or purpose. In Matt's case, though, it's a little confusing why he decided to become a lawyer. Yes, it is a profession that allows him to help people, but he also breaks the oath every single day.

As Daredevil he might be a hero to the people, but as Matt Murdock, he's a liability. He walks around like he's a paragon of virtue, but all of his extracurricular activities could bring down all of the good work he's done in his day job. Imagine every other lawyer who'd file appeals based on Matt's moonlighting?

17 Matt Passes Out A Lot


Matt constantly passing out is a direct result of all the fights he's been in. Naturally, you won't win every battle and there will be times when your opponent gets the best of you. In his example, though, it's a danger since he's wearing a disguise and his opponents will be tempted to take a peek at who's under the mask.

Be honest, how many times have we seen Daredevil knocked out in the TV series? Numerous.

In those instances, do you really think his adversaries haven't checked who's foiling their plans? It isn't like his helmet or mask has some built-in defence system like Batman's, so it would be too easy to quickly check who Daredevil is.

16 Matt Often Puts Foggy In Danger

Daredevil - Foggy Nelson

Let's get one thing straight: Matt isn't a good friend. He lies to the people who care about him, and puts their lives in danger (even if he insists the lying is to protect them). A prime example is his treatment of his best friend, Foggy Nelson. Foggy does everything for Matt, but his BFF gives him more headaches than friendship.

In The Defenders, Foggy brought Matt his Daredevil costume. Then, in the next season of Daredevil, Matt doesn't want to keep Foggy around because he could be in danger. Dude, he's been in danger the whole time, especially after he traveled with your gear to a police station. He's past the point of no return and is now an accessory.

15 Karen Deserves Better

Much like Foggy Nelson, Karen Page deserves better. Her relationship with Matt has gone from friendship to romance, but he has let her down so many times that she should just move on – maybe with Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, who seems to respect her a little more.

For months, Karen mourned Matt when she thought that he might've perished in the explosion at the end of The Defenders. You'd think that he'd give her a sign or something to say he's alive, but instead, he sought out Foggy first and only her afterwards. Sorry to all of the people who ship Karen and Matt, but she deserves someone who'll treat her with respect and kindness. Heck, even Foggy doesn't abandon her.

14 Daredevil Causes Serious Damage To Criminals

Daredevil Hallway Scene

Daredevil's moral code is similar to Batman's in the sense that there's a line he won't cross with criminals. We've seen how upset he got with Stick, the Punisher, and Elektra for how they've dealt with others, but it also shows us that he's self-righteous and out of touch.

Does Matt really think that throwing a billy club at someone's head won't cause any permanent damage?

Also, how about the time when he used a criminal as a shield when someone fired bullets at him? While he might've never outright snapped someone's neck and watched them cross over to the other side, he's caused more than enough damage to ensure that countless criminals will succumb to their injuries.

13 Why Didn't Tony Stark Recruit Him?

Yes, yes, we know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe's movie and TV worlds hardly ever cross, even if they co-exist in the same world. Yet, it still doesn't make sense why Tony Stark went and recruited the teenage Peter Parker from New York to battle Captain America in Germany, when Daredevil is also in the same state as Peter and doesn't need a guardian to travel.

"Well, Daredevil doesn't have any powers." Yeah, and neither do Hawkeye and Black Widow, so what's the point? We don't know about you, but someone who took down Wilson Fisk and The Hand might be pretty useful in battle. In addition, how reckless and irresponsible is it to throw a child into a violent situation?

12 No One Recognizes Matt On The Streets

Daredevil season 3 Matt Murdock

In an early episode of season three of Daredevil, Matt wanders the streets outside of Wilson Fisk's penthouse. His disguise? A hat. Much like Clark Kent, however, no one recognizes him – including Karen Page. This is a little odd considering the high-profile work that Nelson and Murdock undertook in the past.

Think about it. When you watch big cases on TV, you end up knowing all about the legal team. Matt and Foggy's faces must've been plastered all over the newspapers and TVs, especially with the Frank Castle case, yet no one seems to recognize Hell's Kitchen's most famous blind lawyer walking the streets. If he'd grown out a beard and his hair, maybe then it would've been more believable.

11 Matt Doesn't Trust The Police... Yet Works As A Lawyer

As a lawyer, it must be difficult to see how the justice system works. Undoubtedly, it's worse when you see someone get off when you know they're guilty as sin. Even so, you need to hold on to the faith that the police and justice system will prevail in the end. Matt has none of that.

Quite often, Matt uses his day job to get enough information for his Daredevil gig. He has almost no trust in the police force and has gone toe to toe with them on several occasions.

While there are dirty cops, it's unfair to tar them all with the same brush. In fact, he's probably sabotaged numerous cases by getting involved.

10 How Did Matt Survive The Explosion?

Elodie Yung and Charlie Cox as Elektra Natchios and Matt Murdock in Netflix Marvel Daredevil

The end of The Defenders could've been a real cliffhanger, but we were shown that Matt was alive after the explosion. Season three of Daredevil didn't spend too much time on this, showing us a tiny montage of how he flipped through the air and survived the blast. Still, it makes no sense on a logical level.

That explosion was devastating. No one knows if Zombie Elektra survived – but we reckon she did since she's not really alive. Matt, though, isn't as super tough or indestructible as Luke Cage. (He has heightened senses, but that's it.) This means there's no possible way he could've survived that blast with all of his limbs intact. Comic book logic strikes once again.

9 Daredevil Defeats Ninjas But Not Regular Thugs

The Hand ninja kicking Daredevil

Matt has had some serious training and honed his skills to be able to hold his own in any fight. We've seen him take on The Hand's ninjas and defeat them in hand-to-hand combat and even survive against the military trained Punisher. Yet, strangely enough, Matt has got his clock cleaned by regular street thugs on several occasions.

It's a little bizarre, if you ask us. It's the equivalent of John Cena taking out Braun Strowman, only to lose to the Gobbeldy Gooker in a no-holds-barred match the following week. Of course, the hero can't win every battle – or it would make things boring – but at least let the Devil of Hell's Kitchen succumb to a worthy opponent.

8 How Does Matt Pay For His Nice Apartment?

Matt Murdock Apartment in Daredevil

If you had to start a business with someone, Foggy Nelson would probably be the best choice. He has a good head on his shoulders and understands how money works.

Matt is always poor, and tends to make decisions that don't translate into income.

Yet, he has one of the nicest apartments we've seen on comic book TV. All working people know that rent in New York is a nightmare. If you're lucky enough to find a box with a shower, you're in the top 2%, so how does Matt afford such a snazzy place with a decent amount of furniture. Who knows, maybe Daredevil is emptying out the wallets of the criminals he encounters in the streets?

7 Matt Lets Karen Pay His Bills

Karen Page played by Deborah Ann Woll in Daredevil season 2

Yeah, this was a real punk move on Matt's part. After the explosion, he knew he still had an apartment filled with stuff and bills to pay. Instead of going back and making adult decision, he made it someone else's problem and dodged responsibility. Imagine if we all decided to forget about our rent when times were tough?

What's even worse is that he let Karen Page pay all of his bills. Fine, he didn't ask her to, but she did it anyway. Additionally, how did Karen find the money to pay for her own apartment and Matt's? She's a journalist. We all know that we have to beg our parents to survive from month to month.

6 Why Hasn't He Called The Defenders For Help Against The Kingpin?

Charlie Cox Mike Colter Krysten Ritter Finn Jones The Defenders

Amazingly, after going through so much with the Defenders, Matt seems to have forgotten all about them. In season three of Daredevil, Sister Maggie asked him why he didn't get help from others like him, and he said that Wilson Fisk is his problem. Um, no, he's New York's problem - and Iron First, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage could help put a stop to it.

Especially Jones - she's a private investigator and could come in handy to help Matt get the dirt that he needs on Fisk. Instead, Matt drags Karen Page and Foggy Nelson back into it (when he originally didn't want to). While they're useful allies, they can't exactly look out for themselves in the same way as the Defenders.

5 Matt's Heartbeat-Reading Ability Is Inconsistent

Matt possesses a terrific ability that allows him to tell who a person is by his/her heartbeat. However, this ability of his comes and goes in Daredevil.

Sometimes, he can tell who it is, but other times, he's as surprised as everyone else.

In other words, it's only used when it's necessary as a plot device. This isn't the only ability that's confusing in Daredevil. Many of Matt's other gifts aren't made clear in the series. There's still a lot of misconception about whether he really possesses radar vision or if he can actually see. Sometimes, it's best to pick up a Daredevil comic book or two to figure out what exactly the character can and can't do.

4 Why Doesn't Matt Use Noise-Canceling Headphones?

The sensitivity of Matt's hearing was more enhanced in 2003's Daredevil movie, as we saw Ben Affleck's Matt sleep in a water chamber to drown out the noise of the bustling streets below. We've seen elements of how this ability impacts Matt in the Netflix series, but not to the same extent as the film.

Still, we need to ask the question: if Matt doesn't want to be bothered by his sensitive hearing, why doesn't he purchase a pair of noise-canceling headphones? They're pretty good at drowning out noise and will probably give him a good night's rest. In addition, they're not that expensive so he can't complain about the lack of money to purchase them.

3 Matt Stole Foggy's Wallet

Daredevil Season 3 Matt Murdock Foggy Nelson

When Matt met up with Foggy Nelson for the first time in season three of Daredevil, we thought it was because he missed his friend. As it turns out, though, it was so he could steal Foggy's wallet to use his card and assume his identity. With friends like Matt, who needs enemies, right?

The best part is this: he bought Foggy a new wallet – without any of the cards and money. He told him he would've put money in it, but he needed to pay his rent. So, that's nice. You use Foggy's money to pay back Karen Page. So, who's going to pay back Foggy? That guy really needs to cut off Matt, because it's a toxic friendship.

2 Matt Expects Criminals To Help Him

Foggy and Matt in Daredevil

For such a smart guy, Matt can be a real idiot at the best of times. After all of the headlines and noise he's made in cleaning up Hell's Kitchen, he still expects criminals to find it in their compassionate hearts to assist him when he needs it. Really?

What's even more troublesome is how he strikes deals with these sketchy figures, such as the Albanians from season three.

There's no way that a reasonable and productive outcome will be reached. Matt sets himself up for disaster and then asks himself where it all went wrong. He needs a reality check and he should probably take some time for self-reflection, because he devises his own demise more often than not.

1 Stick Was Never A Good Person

A young Matt Murdock and Stick

Matt might've seen Stick as a father figure after the passing of his real dad, but the old man was really trash. First off, he didn't treat the 10-year-old Matt with any compassion or love, as he beat him into shape. You could argue that it made Matt stronger, but it also psychologically damaged him.

Second, Stick had no moral compass. He lied and deceived people – including those whom he calls friends. Many times, Matt saved his life and treated him with kindness, but Stick basically spat in his face and went back to his old ways. While he might've been a mentor to Daredevil, he was an abominable human being. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Are there any other things about Daredevil that make no sense? Let us know in the comments!

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