Marvel's Kingpin Brings Himself Down WITHOUT Daredevil

After years of Daredevil fighting Kingpin, it looks like Wilson Fisk has finally destroyed his own life - in the bloodiest way possible.

Daredevil Comic Cover Kingpin

Warning: SPOILERS for Daredevil #12

The release of Daredevil #12 promised readers a dramatic twist in the political career of New York City Mayor Wilson Fisk. But not just any twist: a brutal, bloody one, that would be guaranteed to have fans talking for months to come. The cliffhanger didn't disappoint, making the wait for Daredevil #13 downright excruciating--until now!

As the title hero, Matt Murdock is dealing with his own troubles, including (but not limited to) a fake imposter Daredevil now being hunted by corrupt cops, and his ex-girlfriend Elektra. But the real issue, and the one promised to have readers talking, is much, much bloodier. While Wilson Fisk has come a long way from his public persona as the Kingpin of Crime, especially in public amongst the upper classes and power brokers of New York City, his temper has gotten the best of him. For a normal person, that might mean embarrassment. But for Kingpin... it means a gruesome murder. And the blood is still all over his hands (literally).

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It made for a truly shocking cliffhanger to the previous issue, when Wilson Fisk was attending a high-class function at the Stromwyns' Estate. When the 'rich socialite Ty Nichols' decided to start teasing Wilson Fisk, he clearly didn't know who he was dealing with. He sure found out, however, when Wilson followed him into the bathroom and brutally murdered him with his bare hands. And if readers were wondering how Wilson Fisk was possibly going to explain a bloody murder scene in the middle of a garden party--and somehow not bring his entire plan crumbling down due to his temper--that is exactly the question answered in the official preview of Daredevil #13. To make an impossible problem go away, there's just one thing you can do: call Wesley. Read on below for the preview pages (and be warned, they're not for the faint of heart):

Daredevil 13 Comic Cover
Daredevil 13 Comic Preview 1

As much confidence as readers should probably place in Wesley, it will be a tense experience reading the rest of the issue to see just how close Wilson Fisk comes to being found out (or how many more people may need to suffer to keep this mistake quiet). Until then, read on for the full issue details and plot synopsis for the coming issue below:

  • Release Date: November 6th, 2019
  • Written by: Chip Zdarsky
  • Art by: Marco Checchetto, Nolan Woodward
  • Cover Art by: Julian Totino Tedesco
  • After the epic conclusion to NO DEVILS, ONLY GOD, Matt Murdock has no choice but to investigate the corruption in New York's police force further. And Wilson Fisk may be the Kingpin of Crime no more, but he still has blood on his hands...

Daredevil #13 will be available at your local comic book shop on November 6th, 2019.

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