• Every Girl Daredevil Has Ever Dated, Dead or Alive
    Elektra Natchios in Netflix and Marvel's Daredevil Season 2

    There are five Marvel characters you want to avoid relationships with at all costs: Galactus (he never calls, and when he does, it's to eat your entire planet), Venom (that ooze doesn't all stay on his body and it gets into everything), Ghost Rider (at least the Human Torch can control himself in a tender moment), Spider-Man (what, being a compulsively guilt-ridden workaholic isn't enough of a reason?) and Daredevil.

    A shocking number of Daredevil's exes are dead or suffered serious harm that they wouldn't have if they'd never gotten horny for Hornhead. All in all, his relationships with best buddy Foggy Nelson and even his archnemesis Kingpin have been a lot more stable.

    Here is Every Girl Daredevil Has Ever Dated, Dead or Alive.

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    Elektra Natchios
    How Marvel's Daredevil Got Elektra Wrong

    Meet cute: While an undergraduate in college, Matt met the winsome, lighthearted Elektra, whose life was not yet as fully darkened by tragedy as his was.

    Good times: Though we see their actual relationship only in flashback, it seems like a normal, healthy romance in the comics, but it's ruined by the death of her father, which darkened her view of the world. (Matt tried and failed to prevent it.)

    But: After her father's death, she became an assassin, and reappeared as Daredevil's enemy/frenemy/Catwoman. These days, comic-book Elektra is more of an antihero than a straight-up villain, but she's still a killer, meaning she and Matt can never be more than friendly exes.

    Dead?: We'll avoid any spoilers for the Netflix series and just say that comic-book Elektra has died several times, most famously at the hands of Bullseye. Resurrected by Hand magic, she is kicking around now as a regular star and guest star in the Marvel Universe, but still.

    11. Karen Page

    Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page in Daredevil

    Meet cute: Karen Page was Matt Murdock's secretary in his first comic-book appearance, and crushed on him (and his buddy Foggy, but to a lesser degree) from the moment they met - and you could say much the same about their first TV appearance too.

    But: Karen couldn't really handle finding out Matt was Daredevil at first, and left her job to become an actress. Years later, a heroin-addicted porn star with dwindling prospects, she sold out Daredevil's secret identity for a fix.

    Good times: Matt saved her from a vengeful drug dealer, helped her beat her addiction and, despite the trouble she'd caused him, offered her only forgiveness. The two would split and reunite once or twice more, but usually supported each other's efforts to do good in spite of the wounds in their past.

    Dead?: Yes, in the comics, killed when Bullseye threw Daredevil's own billy club at him and she leaped into the way. For once, Bullseye the master marksman was perfectly happy to say he'd missed his intended target. Whether Netflix's version of Karen has any of these complications in her future, it's too soon to say.

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    Black Widow
    Daredevil and Black Widow

    Meet cute: One day, the supercriminal Owl knocked Daredevil unconscious and sent him to the bottom of the river, where the Black Widow just happened along to rescue him, like you do.

    Good times: For years after that, they were crimefighting partners and on-again, off-again lovers - well, we're pretty sure they were: 1970s comic books weren't too explicit.

    But: At the time they were most likely to make a go of it, Natasha's fierce independence and occasional fiery temper were the chief obstacles to a more permanent commitment. Then Matt found other loves. Later still, it was more Matt's anger issues that were the obstacle. At this point, Natasha's dedication to counter-espionage keeps her too busy.

    Dead?: No, and what problems she has are entirely her own. Women not introduced in Daredevil's own series seem somewhat immune to his curse, as seen in the next entry.

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    Moondragon - Avengers Who We'd Like to See in Their Own Movie

    Meet cute: Moondragon, the brilliant polymath telepath of Titan, didn't make the best first impression on Daredevil, mistaking him for a pawn of Thanos. Thankfully, her powers included mind-reading (and sight-restoring), so their conflict didn't last long.

    Good times: Moondragon had also been misled to believe San Francisco was corrupted by Thanos and in need of "cleansing," and she briefly teamed up with Daredevil and Black Widow to eliminate the threats she set loose on Frisco. Then she moved in as Matt's houseguest for a couple of months.

    But: Relatively quickly (just three issues after their first meeting), Moondragon realized that her place was in the stars, Matt's was on Earth, and a light-years-long-distance relationship didn't have much chance, so she broke it off.

    Dead?: Nope - Moondragon moved on to many other relationships with males and females, always struggling a bit to keep her well-earned confidence from becoming arrogance and to find another spirit who could truly complement her. But as Heather Glenn could tell her, there are worse problems to have.

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    Heather Glenn
    Daredevil Heather Glenn

    Meet cute: When she met Matt, Heather was the flighty daughter of a wealthy industrialist, a pretty big contrast to the somber Matt.

    Good times: In the early days, she loosened him up and brought some laughter back into his heart.

    But: Matt failed to prevent her father's supervillain-related suicide, just as Heather learned he was Daredevil. Then crooked interests began using Glenn Industries as a cover, outmaneuvering an unqualified Heather in her father's position - leaving Daredevil to attack her father's business.

    And then Matt started acting oddly cold, even abusive, to her (for no reason). Foggy and Black Widow broke them up with a pair of forged goodbye notes, despite the fact that Foggy believed Matt was blind at this point, so how was he supposed to read - oh, who cares? This relationship was the weirdest and worst thing Frank Miller wrote until The Dark Knight Strikes Again. It just sits right in the middle of his otherwise great Daredevil work, being terrible.

    Dead?: Yes, by hanging herself, after Matt fails to take her last phone call to him as the alcoholic, suicidal cry for help that it was. Matt often beats himself up for things that aren't his fault, but in the case of Heather Glenn, he could stand to feel a bit guiltier.

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    Glorianna O'Breen
    Glorianna Breen Matt Murdock Daredevil

    Meet cute: Foggy's wife offers her niece a place to stay - Matt's place - after she flees the then-volatile Ireland for political reasons. Matt doesn't have much time to be annoyed, though, before he discovers an assassin stalking her.

    Good times: Despite never really figuring out Matt was Daredevil, Glorianna enjoyed the way he made her feel secure. When Matt's sight was briefly restored (again), her professional photography helped him experience the world as he never had before.

    But: Matt's repeated absences (or the writers sporadically forgetting she existed, you pick) began to wear on her, and she left him at the start of the famous "Born Again" storyline, hooking up with Foggy for a while, which led an unhinged Matt to accuse them both of betrayal. She and Foggy seemed to fizzle, maybe because dating your aunt's ex-husband can be kind of awkward when you think about it.

    Dead?: Yes, thrown out the window by the villain Kruel in arguably the worst Daredevil story ever written (D.G. Chichester wrote it as "Alan Smithee" after being told he was fired from the title).

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    "Typhoid" Mary Alice Walker
    Typhoid Mary - Characters We Want to See Daredevil Season 2

    Meet cute: Walker had telekinetic, pyrokinetic, and hypnotic powers, expressed through three personalities: the timid pacifist Mary, the sadistic, man-hating psychopath Bloody Mary and the wild, adventurous sociopath Typhoid Each encountered Matt or Daredevil as, respectively, seductive friend, deadly foe or seductive foe, with changes in her heart rate and sweat, as well as her distracting hypnosis, fooling his special senses.

    "Good" times: Cultivated by the Kingpin as an enemy for Daredevil, she mesmerized him into having an affair with her behind Karen Page's back, ultimately splitting Karen and Matt up for years.

    But: Matt got a lot more resistant to her mind powers once he learned to recognize them as such. The next time they met, she just set him on fire instead.

    Dead?: No, still in and out of prison, ready to make trouble for Daredevil, Deadpool, Spider-Man or some other hero at any moment. However, one of Matt's early adventures contributed to her mental disorder, so she still counts as a victim of his curse.

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    Maya Lopez (Echo)
    Echo - Characters We Want to See Daredevil Season 2

    Meet cute: Shortly after Karen Page's death, Maya Lopez came into Matt's life. Deaf, but with the ability to read lips, sense vibrations very strongly, and duplicate any movement she sees, she was also secretly the costumed adventurer known as Echo, seeking to avenge her father's murder. If all that sounds pretty much like she's a mirror for Matt himself, go to the head of the class. Oh, and she was also raised by the Kingpin.

    Good times: She and Matt had an amazingly cute first date that peaked with a movie, where she told him about the visuals and he explained the dialogue.

    But: Echo and Daredevil were soon fighting to the death, because the Kingpin framed Daredevil for her father's murder. Matt pointed out he was still in grade school when her father died (and was even the Kingpin supposed to be that old?). Realizing she'd been duped, she blinded the Kingpin in revenge, then left town to find herself.

    Dead?: Yes. She briefly joined the Avengers, then ended up fighting Count Nefaria, an Avengers villain with Superman-like powers, alongside Moon Knight, who has no powers. It did not go well.

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    Milla Donovan
    Daredevil: Matt Murdock and Milla Donovan's Wedding

    Meet cute: After "Matt Murdock is Daredevil" became the biggest open secret since "Bill Clinton had sex with Monica Lewinsky," Daredevil saved the blind Milla from a runaway truck. She showed up at the offices of Nelson and Murdock the next day. Much later, she mused "I have always had a thing for men I know are going to be trouble." Well, good news...

    Good times: Though Milla was the least physically capable of Murdock's many loves, she was one of the bravest. Despite having second thoughts, since their dates always seemed to end with him getting arrested or set on fire, she always came back in the end. Maybe that's why she was the only one DD actually married.

    But: Nothing aggravates a case of fearlessness quite like the toxin developed by Mr. Fear, which had the unfortunate side effect of making its subjects permanently, dangerously insane. Matt tried for months to bring Milla back to herself with drugs, therapy, meditation and a hunt for a cure, ultimately to no avail.

    Dead?: Nnnno, but she's in an insane asylum with no hope of recovery, which is about as close as you get. Considering that when Elektra dies, she has plenty of hope of recovery, it might even be worse.

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    Dakota North
    Daredevil: Dakota North and Matt Murdock

    Meet cute: Nelson and Murdock retained the improbably named Dakota's services as a private investigator and bodyguard after Jessica Jones gave up the role to become a mother.

    Good times: Let's be clear: calling Dakota Matt's "girlfriend" is stretching things a bit. He was devastated by what had happened to Milla, she was willing to be a shoulder to lean on, they went on a friendly date or two, they were both adults with working sexual organs, things happened.

    But: Murdock was still technically married when they hooked up, and you know how a devout, guilt-ridden Catholic is going to react to that the morning after. Plus, since Matt seemingly can't use the bathroom without the Kingpin knowing about it, Kingpin made sure that photos of him and Dakota doing the deed were widely disseminated.

    Dead?: No, but her reputation took more of a beating than Matt's after word got out, because we live in a sexist society. (Dakota was another character imported from other Marvel Comics: she was introduced in a mini-series of her own in the 1980s.)

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    Kirsten McDuffie
    Kirsten McDuffie of Daredevil

    Meet cute: Also after Matt Murdock's identity was more or less common knowledge, but before he'd stopped trying to deny it, the assistant DA started flirting with him by trying to get him to break down and admit it.

    Good times: At first reluctant to become a "supporting character" in Matt's story, Kirsten eventually couldn't stop herself. When Foggy went into hiding to deal with cancer treatments, she took his place as Matt's legal partner, and they set up a new practice in San Francisco. Of all Daredevil's loves, she was certainly the wittiest.

    But: There's almost no "but." Despite occasional threats to her life, Kirsten, the last time anybody saw her, appeared to be the happiest, healthiest person ever to survive a relationship with Matt Murdock. There's almost no "but." ...Buuuuut... 

    Dead?: Um, probably not? In late 2015, Daredevil started a new volume, with many things mysteriously different: the world no longer knows Matt's secret identity, Foggy is no longer friendly to him, and Kirsten is simply missing. Matt mused that he "traded" his relationships with both Foggy and Kirsten for a new life. What exactly that means, we'll probably learn at some point.

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    Claire Temple (Night Nurse)
    Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple and Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in Daredevil

    Meet cute: On the Netflix show, Claire, with a tip from a friend, finds Matt badly injured in a dumpster and patches him up. She's then kidnapped and beaten by criminals searching for him, but gives them nothing until he rescues her.

    Good times: They have an interlude of healthy emotional intimacy where he opens up to her about his powers and how he sees the world.

    But: It doesn't take long for Claire to get concerned that he's getting too much like his enemies, especially since he's contemplating killing the Kingpin. They go back to being just friends - or doctor and patient - with minimal drama.

    Dead?: No, and not likely to be any time soon. Rosario Dawson has guest-starred as the character in two of Marvel's Netflix shows now and is likely to show up on all four. Of course, Phil Coulson served a similar role as glue that held the Marvel movies together until he died in Avengers - but hey, he got brought back to life almost instantly, so who's to say?


    There were a few other candidates for the list - Karen's replacement as secretary Becky Blake (whose love for Matt was mostly unrequited and who lost her trust in him some time back), Candace Nelson (Foggy's sister, not the pastry chef, who dated Matt for about four seconds), Lily Lucca (whose pheromonic perfume made her sort of a low-rent Typhoid Mary) and the Black Cat (whose hookup with him was a lot more guilt-free than Dakota's, though it left her more usual love interest, Spider-Man, deeply chagrined) but these seem to us like the ones to remember. Should you disagree, well, you know what to do!

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