Daredevil Star Says Future Seasons Could Have Seen A Foggy & Marci Wedding

Foggy and Marci in Daredevil season 3

Daredevil star Amy Rutberg talks about what could've been Marci and Foggy (Elden Henson) in the show' s supposed future after they pulled a shotgun engagement last season. The Marvel TV/Netflix collaboration was canceled just after three seasons, following the streaming giant's earlier decision to pull the plug on Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

The cancelation of Daredevil, however, is more controversial than other Marvel TV properties. The Charlie Cox-led show was arguably the most well-received among its peers, with its third season lauded by both critics and fans. Apparently, it's also one of the most-watched shows on Netflix, which is why its sudden end came as quite a shock. Since Daredevil's cancelation, people involved in the show have commented on the matter - including Rutberg, who had been part of the show since it started in 2015

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Speaking with Inverse, Rutberg addressed the sudden cancelation of Daredevil and much like everyone else, she, too, was disappointed with Netflix's move. She then previewed what she would've wanted to see from her character and her relationship with Foggy moving forward adding that a wedding would've been nice to see.

“From a personal level, I would have loved to see what would have happened with Marci and Foggy. I would have liked to see them get married. There probably would have been some conflict before, but sadly none of those things happened. It would have been great to see now that the band was back together. It would have been great to see what happened with them. See them start the season working together and see where that went.”

What's unclear is if a Foggy and Marcy wedding was already in the cards for Daredevil season 4. Shortly after the third and final installment of the series dropped in Netflix last month, showrunner Erik Oleson shared that they just pitched what lies ahead for the Devil of Hell's Kitchen to Netflix's executives. Several weeks later, and on the heels of the Marvel series' cancelation, producer Sam Earnst revealed on his official media account that the plot of season 4 was already laid out. This made the cancelation much more frustrating, as it seems like people behind the show had some big plans that now won't come to fruition.

At this point, there's a good chance that the public will never learn what really caused the cancelation of Daredevil. Making things much more complicated is the fact that Marvel Studios is currently building a new TV branch that is already embedded in the MCU's existing lore, with Loki, Scarlet Witch, and Falcon/Bucky spin-off TV shows planned for Disney Plus. Who knows - perhaps one day Marvel will find a way to bring back Cox's Daredevil, and his friends and enemies along with him.

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Source: Inverse

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