Daredevil Leads Hunt For Wolverine, Back From The Dead

Daredevil in The Hunt For Wolverine Weapon Lost

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for The Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1

Daredevil is leading an all-star team of Marvel detectives in the search for Wolverine, newly back from the dead. It's a group consisting of one of the Defenders who might be familiar to fans of Marvel Comics' series on Netflix, a former member of The X-Men and even one of Marvel's Inhumans.

The Man Without Fear doesn't usually work outside of the New York neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, or cross paths with the X-Men or Wolverine on a frequent basis. Even so, his long history fighting various martial arts organizations and ninja clans means he and Logan have something in common.

It's for this reason - and his ironic reputation for seeing things that others miss - that Kitty Pryde approached Daredevil for help, after she discovered that Logan's body was no longer in its grave.

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The first issue of The Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost is surprisingly light on action, given the premise and characters involved. The book focuses instead on Daredevil's efforts to gather a group of skilled searchers, and considering who those happen to be, their experience with the super-powered community is beyond question.

Misty Knight and Frank McGee in The Hunt For Wolverine Weapon Lost Defenders Inhumans

The most prominent member of the team is Misty Knight. A former New York City police officer forced into retirement after losing her arm in a terrorist bombing, she turned to work as a private investigator after being equipped with an experimental bionic arm (designed by Tony Stark). Later, Misty was given a new arm made of a blend of diamond and Antarctic Vibranium, which allowed her to liquify nearly any metal with a touch. A frequent ally of both Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Sam "The Falcon" Wilson, Misty was also a member of The Fearless Defenders and Heroes for Hire. And as we mentioned before, is known for her mastery of martial arts.

By contrast, Frank McGee is the most obscure member of Daredevil's team. A former police detective with over 25 years experience with the NYPD, Frank's life was forever changed when the Terrigen Mists were released in mass quantities on Earth. This awakened Frank's latent superpowers, revealing him to be an Inhuman.

Frank acquired glowing eyes and the power to emit a blinding blast like a camera flash. This also enabled him to take virtual photographs with a glance, able to perfectly recall every detail of his "snapshots" later. It's a handy power for a detective, and one that saw Frank placed in charge of security and investigations in the Inhuman city of New Attilan.

Cypher In The Hunt For Wolverine

The final member of the Hunt For Wolverine team will prove a familiar face to fans of the classic New Mutants comics - Doug Ramsey AKA Cypher. A mutant with the power to understand any language, written or spoken, the issue reveals that Doug has been working for Misty Knight as an informant, scouring the Internet for clues and data on her behalf. Unfortunately, Doug's need to understand everything wound up inspiring a major case of addiction to social media, and a detachment from reality as he attempted to reconcile all the "fake news" he was absorbing.


Thankfully, the team is able to help Cypher get his head back together. By the end of the first issue, he's able to use his ability to read machine code and give his new partners several promising leads on where to find Wolverine. Unfortunately, these lie among several dozen other unlikely leads that still require investigation (like one tabloid report from a woman claiming to carry Logan's love child).

Fans may find it to be a less than thrilling start to The Hunt For Wolverine comic series, but with three issues remaining, we suppose actually finding Wolverine off the bat would be a bit dull.

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The Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost #1 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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