Daredevil Cast & Crew React To Cancellation; Season 4 Was 'Laid Out'

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The cast and crew of Daredevil react to Netflix's cancelation of the series. The first Marvel TV series created in partnership with the streaming giant, the Charlie Cox-led show just dropped its critically acclaimed third outing last month. Its season finale was crafted so well that it is a satisfying end to Matt Murdock's adventures. That said, considering the quality of its latest installment, many were still hoping that a fourth season was going to happen. Sadly, that won't be the case anymore as the show's declining viewership ultimately led to its cancelation.

It was just a little bit over a month ago when Daredevil season 3 showrunner Erik Oleson called Netflix's cancellation of Iron Fist heartbreaking despite the fact that it showed significant progress in its second season. Now, he finds himself in the same boat - if not worse, as the company officially pull the plug on Marvel TV's inaugural show in the platform despite putting up arguably the best season of any Marvel show on the streaming service.

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Following the announcement that came late Thursday, the cast and crew of the series have started to express their opinion with regard to this development including Deborah Ann Woll (Karen Page), who took to her official Twitter account to share her sentiments following the show's cancellation. Thanking her fellow castmates, as well as Oleson, the actress admits that she'll miss working with everyone who contributed to Daredevil over the last few years. Meanwhile, co-executive producer Sam Ernst also reacted to the sad news on the same social media platform, but he was more candid with his tweet, even saying that that season 4 was all laid out. Check out their posts below:

Two weeks ago, Oleson announced he had pitched season 4 to Netflix. He didn't get into specifics of what could be next for Matt now that Kingpin (Vincent D'Onofrio) is back in prison, but since then, he, alongside the legion of Daredevil fans, had been on tenterhooks waiting for the streaming giant's decision on whether or not they'd greenlight another outing of the show. Based on Ernst's social media post, it sounds like they were really confident with what they were planning for the series moving forward. Interestingly, the official statement released by Netflix pointed out that "the Daredevil character will live on in future projects for Marvel," giving the impression the show might continue on another platform. However, given the divide between Marvel Studios and Marvel TV, it's doubtful Kevin  Feige and his team would be open to carrying over the show on Disney+ knowing that they're also set to produce MCU-connected small-screen projects. 

With Iron Fist, Luke Cage and now Daredevil all officially canceled, Netflix only has two remaining Marvel TV shows on their platform: Jessica Jones and The Punisher. At this point, chances are that the only reason the two series are still in the cards is that they have their respective next seasons on the docket. But it shouldn't come as a surprise when the platform eventually cancels them shortly after they drop their upcoming installments.

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