Daredevil Actor Denies Netflix Series Cancellation Rumors

Vincent D’Onofrio has denied that Daredevil is in danger of being canceled by Netflix. The actor portrays Wilson Fisk in the Marvel series. D’Onofrio’s performance has been praised by fans and critics alike, with many feeling that his Kingpin is one of the MCU’s greatest villains.

The streaming service recently rocked the Marvel Cinematic Universe by canceling Iron Fist and then Luke Cage just one week later. Both were axed after only two seasons. Some have speculated that this move will merely precede an announcement of a Heroes for Hire or Daughters of the Dragon show, but that theory has yet to be proven true. However, social media posts from Iron Fist star Finn Jones have hinted that this might be the case. The uncertain fates of Marvel’s Netflix properties have viewers worried about whether or not Daredevil will be picked up for a fourth season.

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When responding to a fan over the matter via Twitter, D’Onofrio had a very simple answer, “Nope.” While D’Onofrio may not seem overly concerned, this is far from official confirmation that the Man Without Fear will return. Both star Charlie Cox and showrunner Erik Oleson have expressed uncertainty over Daredevil’s potential renewal. It is possible that D'Onofrio has knowledge of what the future holds for the series, but more than likely, he is referring to the fact that no decisions have been made.

The third season was an excellent return to form for Daredevil, with many fans feeling that it rivals the show’s first outing in terms of quality. After an overstuffed second season, the show rebounded by drawing inspiration from one of the greatest Daredevil arcs ever written. Kingpin was back in his rightful seat as the Big Bad, pulling everyone’s strings in spectacular fashion. The series also not only introduced another one of DD’s most iconic villains, Bullseye, but even gave him a proper origin story. Season 3 was so well received, in fact, that fans immediately began to worry that it was the last time they’d see Cox don Daredevil’s trademark red horns.

The cancellation of Iron Fist was a shock, considering the show’s second season was a marked improvement over its critically panned debut and the fact that the series was clearly setting up for a third outing. Luke Cage getting the axe was an even bigger surprise, due to that show’s prior success. This led many to wonder if all of Marvel’s Netflix properties were in danger. Disney has the launch of its own streaming service on the horizon and exclusive shows centering on Marvel characters have already been announced. However, Netflix executives have confirmed that the Mouse House has no say in how long their Marvel shows will continue.

For the time being, it would seem that both Jessica Jones and The Punisher are safe, as they are currently in production of seasons 3 and 2, respectively. At this point, it’s unclear if Daredevil will be renewed or not. There are plenty more amazing stories to pull from the comics and although the season finale left a few plot threads dangling, Dex’s transformation into Bullseye was one of them. Fans remain hopeful that they will see more of Nelson, Murdock and Page, but if season 3 was indeed the end for Daredevil, at least it was a brilliant one.

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Source: Vincent D'Onofrio

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