Daredevil: 10 Best Episodes (According To IMDb)

For three seasons, Daredevil wowed fans on Netflix with these fantastic episodes, as rated by IMDb.

Fans of Marvel and Netflix's Daredevil were crushed when the series was canceled after 3 seasons, the first of four Marvel series to get the ax on the streaming service. Thankfully episodes have remained up on Netflix for fans to rewatch their favorite moments from the series that finally brought Matt Murdock to live-action properly.

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While we have our own favorite moments featuring the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, we wanted to take a look at what fans consider to be the best episodes of Daredevil. So today we are going to take a look at the 10 Best Episodes according to their IMDb rankings, though we'll be discussing them chronologically.

10 S1E09 - "SPEAK OF THE DEVIL" (9.2)

As Murdock's life as a vigilante brought him closer to a confrontation with Wilson Fisk, he would end up meeting the future Kingpin for the first time in their civilian identities, kicking off a series of meetings between Murdock and Fisk that would turn into a deep rivalry.

This episode would also feature a showdown between matt and the Hand leader named Nobu, who would teach Murdock the value of body armor during their bloody battle. The threat of the Hand would really begin to make itself known in this episode, and Matt's wounds would lead to him adapting his crime-fighting gear further.

9 S1E13 - "DAREDEVIL" (9.4)

While most of the first season was spent establishing Hell's Kitchen alongside both matt Mudock's growth as a vigilante and Wilson Fisk's growth as a crime boss, all of these pieces came together in the climactic season finale that finally brought Fisk and Daredevil face to face.

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Of course, this episode stands out among the rest in the first season as it features the first appearance od Daredevil's actual costume, instead of the black uniform he wore in the early episodes. The final fight between Fisk and DD was the payoff fans had been waiting all season to see.

8 S2E03 - "NEW YORK'S FINEST" (9.5)

The second season of Daredevil introduced a new element on to the street of New York in the form of Frank Castle/Punisher, who had previously shot DD in the head and then captured him. This episode opened with a scene right out of the comics as DD was chained to a rooftop chimney while he and Frank got to know each other a little better.

This episode dealt with heavy moral issues between DD and Frank's motivations behind what they do but also featured some incredibly tense moments that were capped off wonderfully with an energetic fight scene that rivaled the first season's hallway fight, so there is no surprise that this episode is one of the highest-rated of the whole series.

7 S2E04 - "PENNY AND DIME" (9.5)

Up until this episode, not much is known about Castle beyond his brutal methods and teases of his tragic origin that included the death of his family. "Penny and Dime" followed both the Irish mafia and Karen Page as they dive into Frank's history to find out why he has become the Punisher.

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This episode featured a shootout at the carousel in Central Park that would play such a large role in The Punisher spin-off series as well as one of Frank's most vulnerable moments as he related to Daredevil the story of his daughter's favorite book. Oh, did we mention there's a first kiss between Matt and Karen as well?


This episode did further tease the threat of the Hand and saw the reappearance of Nobu, but the main focus and likely reason for such a high rating is the return of Wilson Fisk, who is incarcerated at Riker's Island alongside Frank Castle.

Not only do we see great moments between the two characters, but Castle is involved in one of the best and bloodiest fight scenes in the entire series as he is forced to violently take out an entire cell block of goons. After giving Castle a beating, Fisk organized Castle's escape so he could take out Fisk's eventual opposition in New York.


Unlike most of the second season, "A Cold Day In Hell's Kitchen" barely featured the Punisher and instead closed off the alternate Hand/Black Sky storyline that featured Stick and Elektra. And much like the first season on Netflix, DD's costume gets another upgrade in the form of his iconic billy club.

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The episode features high stakes and is incredibly fast-paced, with the final rooftop battle featuring a number of great moments, including the death of Elektra, which homaged the comic moment in a bit of a different way. Frank did make an obligatory appearance, but it would be the last fans saw of him until his own spin-off series.

4 S3E04 - "BLINDSIDED" (9.6)

The third season of Daredevil is technically Matt Murdock's fourth series of adventures, as he starred alongside Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones in The Defenders mini-series which served to partially wrap up the Hand storyline. This left Daredevil recovering from his near-death experience in that series while Fisk manipulated the FBI.

"Blindsided" continued to build a relationship between Fisk and Agent Dex, who was slowly evolving into the criminal assassin known as Bullseye, though fans never quite got to see that full evolution due to the cancelation. A highlight of this episode is Matt's frantic escape from prison during a riot, though that leads him to further trouble.

3 S3E06 - "THE DEVIL YOU KNOW" (9.6)

While this episode started to reveal some of Fisk's manipulations of the FBI and those guarding him, his relationship with Dex is solidified after Fisk takes advantage of his fracturing mind and sets him on a dark path that led to one of the season's most highly-anticipated moments.

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As Murdock had been wearing a costume reminiscent of his first season look, Kingpin had Dex wear the Daredevil costume in order to take out a witness at the offices of the New York Bulletin where Karen worked. Dex as DD killed the witness, the FBI agents guarding him, and almost everyone else in the room before Matt showed up, meeting his future nemesis for the first time.

2 S3E12 - "ONE LAST SHOT" (9.4)

Throughout the third season, FBI Agent Nadeem struggled with his complete loss of control over every aspect of his professional life due to Fisk, who managed to manipulate the FBI while incarcerated under their personal watch.

"One Last Shot" featured the return of the partnership between Foggy Nelson and Murdock, who hadn't been moving in different directions since the second season. Together they managed to play their last hand against Fisk using Nadeem, though it failed due to Kingpin's reach over everyone and featured Dex cutting all the ties to his past life, which included Agent Nadeem.

1 S3E13 - "A NEW NAPKIN" (9.6)

The third season finale and, as we would learn, the series finale featured an epic three-way battle between Daredevil, Dex, and Kingpin as everything falls apart for all parties involved. Dex had been betrayed by Kingpin, causing him to turn on Fisk at his wedding while DD attempted to find justice in any form.

Their battle tore through Fisk's luxurious hotel suite and left Dex physically broken while Fisk and Murdock had their final emotional exchange of the series. It was a fantastic way to say goodbye to the characters, though the final glimpse of Dex in surgery as his iconic Bullseye logo flashes in his eye still makes us think of what might have been had the series gotten another season.

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