'Daredevil' Magazine Cover Offers Better Look at Matt Murdock's Costume

Netflix Daredevil concept art

The streets of Hell's Kitchen are about to become a lot less safe for criminal scum, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding with five new Netflix shows featuring the superheroes that work the streets of New York City. Blind vigilante Matt Murdock will be the first of these superheroes to join Netflix's original programming, kicking off with Daredevil's debut on the streaming service this spring.

Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire) will play the lead role in the series as Murdock, an attorney who lost his sight in an accident when he was a boy but whose other senses are preternaturally heightened. He decides to fight for justice around the clock: working as a lawyer by day and putting on a mask to become a vigilante by night.

The costume itself was seen in the trailer for Daredevil and was noticeably understated with no red leather or horns in sight, and appears to be lifted from the pages of Frank Miller's origin comic The Man Without Fear. A lot of that trailer took place in the dark, but the March 2015 cover of Film Ink magazine offers a clearer (and brighter) picture of what Murdock looks like when he's all dressed up and ready to hand out justice.

It's a very minimalist look. The long-sleeved shirt is completely plain black, without even the smallest embellishment, and Daredevil's mask is similarly utilitarian: concealing his identity but leaving his mouth and nose exposed. The practicality of covering his ears is questionable, but presumably the hood is designed in such a way as to not impede Matt's hearing.

Film Ink Daredevil cover

The costume makes sense as an initial design for Daredevil, since Matt Murdock is just starting out as a vigilante and no doubt will be focusing on how best to beat up the bad guys without getting killed, rather than how to beat up bad guys while looking stylish. The trailer also indicated that Daredevil will be more gritty than camp, and BBFC ratings for the first few episodes have warned of strong, bloody violence.

It's important that Marvel and Netflix make a successful debut with Daredevil, since the show will set the tone for the four other Marvel shows that follow: A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Defenders. It's also the first live-action Marvel show to focus on comic book superheroes, rather than original characters connected to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Daredevil premieres April 10th, 2015 on Netflix.

Source: Film Ink

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