Danny Trejo Cast in ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Season 4

Danny Trejo Machete

As season 4 rapidly approaches, FX has recruited the ubiquitous Danny Trejo for a multi-episode arc alongside the members of SAMCRO on the biker drama Sons of Anarchy.

Trejo is set to portray former Mexican military commando Romero ‘Romeo’ Parada, who finds himself a new friend in SAMCRO. As with most roles in Sons of Anarchy, the part calls for someone who is capable of intimidating even the toughest of adversaries. Hitting the road with the motorcycle club is no easy task; not every actor has what it takes to convincingly pull off the biker look and swagger. In this instance, however, the opposite may be true. Trejo could be so convincing he’ll end up intimidating the rest of the cast. In fact, Trejo is so capable of instilling fear that even his recent guest appearances on Modern Family and Bones were filled with a wee bit of trepidation on my part.

Whether he’s is playing the good guy, the bad guy – or a conflicted amalgam of the two – Trejo’s career has been built on the assumption that he is literally the most dangerous guy in the room.

A favorite of Robert Rodriguez, the actor has appeared in almost all of the director’s films including Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, and the Spy Kids franchise. Trejo even starred in last year’s Grindhouse offshoot Machete, which reunited him with his Heat co-star Robert De Niro.

Although we have a description of the character Trejo will be playing, we don’t yet know where Romeo Parada is going to fit in. In fact, much of season 4 will be spent finding out where the boys of the outlaw motorcycle club fit in as well.

Sons of Anarchy FX Network season 4

Sons of Anarchy creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter has said that after the events of season 3, the biggest adversary SAMCRO will face in season 4 will be modernity.

"It'll be a different Charming. There will be a new mayor and a new sheriff. The 21st century is going to land at SAMCRO's doorstep. It'll be interesting, because the 21st century will also bleed into their lives."

With luck, Trejo will be integral to the storyline in season 4 and thereby enjoy a solid amount of screen time. Sons of Anarchy has had its fair share of actors willing to take a turn on the dark side - some have been obvious choices like Henry Rollins, while others like Adam Arkin and Hal Holbrook were unexpected pleasures. Like Rollins, the announcement of Trejo’s involvement seems like a match made in heaven. Frankly, one can hardly believe it took this long to happen.

Watch for Sons of Anarchy season 4 on FX in September.

Source: TV Line

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