Danny Pudi Provides Community Movie Update: We Will Do It

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Danny Pudi says he is hopeful that a Community movie can be made and says people are "actually talking about" making it happen. "Six seasons and a movie" became a rallying cry for fans when the cult-favorite show came under threat of cancellation at NBC, and though the low-rated sitcom ultimately was axed by the network, it did manage to eek out a sixth season thanks to Yahoo!. All that remains now for the Community prophecy to come true is a movie.

Created by Dan Harmon, Community detailed the zany-but-heartfelt misadventures of a group of losers of varying ages coming together to form a study group at a community college and eventually forming a tight bond. Under showrunner Harmon's direction, the series became a whirlwind of pop culture reference, sharp character comedy and whatever random stuff happened to be in Harmon's brain that particular week, building up an insanely loyal cult following over its acclaimed first three seasons. The show's off-screen drama would prove to be almost as compelling as the on-screen comedy as Harmon sparred with star Chevy Chase, battled with the network over their notes and eventually got fired. A much-derided Harmon-less fourth season ensued, but fan outcry got Harmon re-hired for season 5, the show's last go-around at NBC.

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Though Community almost certainly will not be coming back for a seventh season on any platform, there is still talk of a movie spinoff that would reassemble the original cast and wrap up their adventures. Danny Pudi, who played the on-the-spectrum Abed on the series, gave EW an update on where prospects for a Community movie currently stand and seemed very optimistic that something will happen:


"A movie is the last part of it. I believe we will do it, and I’m hopeful. I don’t know when, but I think we’re talking about it. People are actually talking about it. I think there is an appetite, I don’t know if there will be in 10 years. Either way, I just want to do it because I want to see what everybody’s up to.”

Creator Dan Harmon has been quoted in the past as saying a Community movie "will happen," though Harmon himself admits that reassembling the original cast might be a challenge, as many of them have gone on to other things. One actor in particular, Donald Glover, has seen his career explode since he left Community midway through season 5. Glover is now a brand-name movie actor, with a role coming up in Young Han Solo, as well as a force on TV with his sitcom Atlanta cleaning up at the Emmys. No Community movie can happen without Glover - Harmon himself admitted the show basically died after Glover left - but getting the red-hot actor/producer/director on-board could be a real obstacle.

Fans who still hold out hope for the movie part of "six seasons and a movie" may love the idea of bringing the old band back together, but everyone in the old band may not be as keen on the notion. Harmon has a lot on his plate between Rick and Morty and other projects he's developing and though he's said a movie "will happen," one has to wonder if his motivation to make it happen will remain intact over the long-haul. Harmon actually seemed to get the show somewhat out of his system after the cathartic, under-rated season 6, so is he talking about a movie mostly out of loyalty to the fans or does he really truly want to do it in his heart?

There's no question fans would embrace a Community movie were all the pieces ever put in place to make one happen, but those pieces are so scattered (and have taken on such different shapes since the show ended its run in 2014) that actually assembling the puzzle into something that resembles the show folks came to love might be beyond anyone's power - even someone as creative and insane as Dan Harmon.

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Source: EW

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