Danny Elfman May Score 'Hunger Games'; Reuniting With Raimi For 'Oz' [Updated]

[UPDATE: Elfman will be collaborating with another musician on The Hunger Games. Read on for the details.]

In case there was ever any doubt in your mind, rest assured that Danny Elfman will score both of Tim Burton's next two films (Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie). However, the famed musical talent will also re-team with Sam Raimi on his next film, Oz: The Great and Powerful - and is in talks to compose the soundtrack for Gary Ross' adaptation of The Hunger Games.

Elfman also has Men in Black III on his to-do list over the next year, and provided the musical accompaniment for this fall's Real Steel. Between him and Hans Zimmer, the two composers are seemingly going to be working on every other film due to hit theaters by 2012!

Buzzine was in attendance at a recent Q&A session where Elfman discussed his longtime working relationship with Burton, having collaborated with the Gothic filmmaker on all but two of his feature films (Ed Wood and Sweeney Todd). It was there that the onetime Oingo Boingo musician dropped the news about rejoining forces with Raimi for his Wizard of Oz semi-prequel and Ross' highly-anticipated literary project.

The news about Elfman and Raimi rejoining forces for Oz should come as a surprise for everyone who recalls that the two had a public parting of the ways after collaborating on Spider-Man 2. All the same, it's not the first time two cinematic artists with a solid working relationship suffered a falling out, but were eventually able to leave their bad blood behind them. Even Burton and Elfman had to "take a break" from each other, after working on The Nightmare Before Christmas.

In addition, this news bodes all the better for Oz: The Great and Powerful, since Elfman and Raimi have brought out the best in one another with their previous collaborative efforts (see: Army of Darkness, Darkman, A Simple Plan, the first two Spider-Man movies).


The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games casting Peeta Gale

Although he's arguably best known - or, most widely recognized - for his warped "Burtonesque" soundtracks, Elfman has departed from his signature style on many a film in the past. His not-so-easily recognizable work includes the crooning saxophone theme of Midnight Run, the subtly heart-warming soundtrack to Black Beauty, and Elfman's team-ups with Gus Van Sant on pictures like Good Will Hunting and Milk.

"Different" is exactly what Elfman says he has in mind for The Hunger Games, so fans shouldn't be too quick to dismiss the quirky musician as being a bad match for the serious nature of author Suzanne Collins' dystopian thriller/drama. Going off his work on films that are ripe with exciting action/battle sequences or intense atmosphere (see: The Kingdom, Wanted, Terminator: Salvation), Elfman could provide some fitting audial accompaniment for the tale of Katniss Everdeen. For now, we just have to wait and see if Elfman actually accepts the job offer.

UPDATE: THR says that Elfman and multiple Grammy-winner T Bone Burnett (Crazy Heart) will join forces by handling both score and song production duties on The Hunger Games.


The Hunger Games hits theaters next year on March 23rd, 2012.

Oz: The Great and Powerful is scheduled for theatrical release on March 8th, 2013.

Source: Buzzine (via The Playlist)

Update Source: THR

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