Danny Boyle Wants To Direct '28 Months Later' [Re-Updated]

Danny Boyle directing 28 Months Later

[UPDATE: Danny Boyle has confirmed his interest in directing 28 Months Later, but says that it won't happen for awhile.]

[RE-UPDATE: Danny Boyle is still clarifying his stance on 28 Months Later. See post for details.]

The Rage Virus has been spreading and everyone's eager to find out what impact it's had on the world 28 Months Later. For zombie fans out there, we have some exciting news regarding a third installment in the 28 Days Later franchise.

Director Danny Boyle, coming off an Oscar win for Slumdog Millionaire and whose buzz-worthy James Franco thriller 127 Hours hits theaters in a few weeks, may be returning to the series he helped start, as the director of 28 Months Later.

Our friend Uncle Creepy at Dread Central has the exclusive scoop on Boyle reportedly showing interest in helming another 28 [Period of Time] Later film, to which they updated with some quotes from their source who spoke with Boyle directly.

The short of it is that there will be another sequel to 28 Days Later and that "in theory" it would be based (and named?) 28 Months Later. Since he directed the first movie and later produced 28 Weeks Later, Boyle was asked if he would again produce. His response: "Actually I want to direct it."

It doesn't get more promising than that before the greenlight is given so let's hope for some official word soon. While 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later both featured entirely different casts, they did both tell interesting stories with plenty of action and amazing visuals. Fans have been anticipating a third installment which would continue from the end of the 28 Weeks Later and follow the virus spreading outside of the UK.

RE-UPDATE: The initial comment from Boyle has set off a storm with horror movie fans. Well, at a recent press junket for 127 Hours, Boyle had a chance to elaborate on his position concerning 28 Months Later:

"I would love to direct another one of it because I watched the second one, and I wasn't that involved in the second one, and I really enjoyed watching it as a punter. (Note: a "punter" would be like an average moviegoer.) When you make films, you never really see them the way punters see them, it’s weird. You're entrusted with editing a film for an audience and yet, you're as far away from what they will see as you can ever get, because you've watched it hundreds of time. I watched [the sequel] as a punter and I thought I'd love to direct the next one, and that's where that began really, but it's a question of time."

Later, in an exclusive interview with Shock Til You Drop, Boyle added:

"If a thing's good enough, a story, an idea, there are no rights problems. Not on the kind of level we work at it. Basically, if you're talking about the rights to 'The Lord of the Rings' on these massive properties. There are no problems if it's good enough and there won't be any problem I don't think. Because it comes from a two pretty cool previous movies, I think if it's a new idea that's pretty good, it'll get made whether I direct it or not."

So again, we may see 28 Months Later with Danny Boyle at the helm...but it won't be for a couple years yet.

While 28 Weeks Later made less money and earned lesser scores from the critics, it still did very well in both respects and was a worthy successor to the franchise. With the potential of Boyle coming back to take charge of the next installment, we may have something special to look forward to as there's not many directors better than he at creating and handling human drama and intensity.

The challenge and blessing of 28 Months Later will be in telling another similar adventure with yet another new cast in a new location. They don't have the familiarity of the first two movies to help sell the flick, but Boyle has the chance to start fresh again with an entirely new story.

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Source: Dread Central

Update Source: Cinema Blend

Re-Update Source: Shock Til You Drop

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