Daniel Radcliffe to Star in True-Story Yakuza Thriller 'Tokyo Vice'

Daniel Radcliffe is keeping his post-Harry Potter career diverse with a range of projects in different genres. The actor has just completed filming on the adaptation of Joe Hill's fantasy horror novel Horns, in which he plays a beleaguered young man who wakes up one day with a pair of devilish horns that manipulate people around him into executing their darkest thoughts and fantasies.

He's also playing Allen Ginsberg in John Krokidas' beat poet biopic Kill Your Darlings, starring in Michael Dowse's romantic comedy The F Word, and recently signed on to play Igor in a new adaptation of Frankenstein. All this whilst maintaining a presence both on Broadway and London's West End; Radcliffe certainly has a lot of energy.

Deadline reports that the actor is set to play another writer role, as American investigative journalist Jake Adelstein in the adaptation of his true-life story, Tokyo Vice. Adelstein found himself entangled with notorious yakuza boss Tadamasa Goto whilst living in Tokyo and working as a crime reporter, and his investigations into local organized crime eventually got him into very hot water, where he faced personal sacrifice and death threats. Here's the book's synopsis, courtesy of Amazon:

"At nineteen, Jake Adelstein went to Japan in search of peace and tranquility. What he got was a life of crime ...crime reporting, that is, at the prestigious Yomiuri Shinbun. For twelve years of eighty-hour workweeks, he covered the seedy side of Japan, where extortion, murder, human trafficking, and corruption are as familiar as ramen noodles and sake. But when his final scoop brought him face to face with Japan's most infamous yakuza boss - and the threat of death for him and his family - Adelstein decided to step down ...momentarily. Then, he fought back."

This is the latest in a string of American character roles taken on by Radcliffe, so we can only hope that he's able to pull off a convincing American accent. A promo that he did for his hosting stint SNL gave a brief glimpse of what his imitation of a US accent sounds like, and it was actually pretty good. He had a lot of time to hone it whilst starring in Broadway play How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, so it should be fluent by the time Tokyo Vice begins filming in early 2014.

The film will be the feature directorial debut of Anthony Mandler, whose work so far has been mainly in music videos and commercials; it will be produced through Le Grisbi Productions, the production company behind last year's cop drama End of Watch. Adelstein's book was adapted for the screen by New York playwright JT Rogers, and is his first feature-film script.

Radcliffe is not the only Harry Potter star who's been making a fresh start to their career overseas; Emma Watson, who has lived the the USA for a while now, can be seen in Sofia Coppola's true-life drama The Bling Ring, and the recent trailer featured her going all-out in the role of bratty Hollywood robber, Alexis Neiers. The portrayal, from what was seen in the trailer, isn't particularly flattering, and Neiers herself decried the film as "trashy and inaccurate" on Twitter.

Do you like what you've seen so far from these former child stars' adult acting careers?


Tokyo Vice doesn't have a release date yet, but we'll keep you updated on the project.

Source: Deadline

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Daniel Radcliffe to Star in True-Story Yakuza Thriller 'Tokyo Vice'